The media platform for black people

The media platform for black people

Blaqsbi is a crowd sourced profit sharing media platform designed specifically for black people to share, believe, inspire


sadok abdelhadi
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Abdulmalik NB Yunusa
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Cali Soaps
F P 2019-05-20 16:29:58 (Updated) Cali Soaps 2.7K Views 57

  California Handmade Soaps

Beauty & Grooming (Minority Owned)


California Handmade Soaps California Handmade Soaps brings you naturally handcrafted soaps, scrubs, soaks, bath teas and spa essentials. Our spa products are loaded with ingredients that are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, responsibly sourced and nourishing to the skin. We use ingredients known to soothe sensitive skin as well as such skin disorders as eczema and psoriasis. Custom and wholesale small batch orders are also available for your spa, shop, or store at Calihandmadesoaps.com. #Soap #Handmade #Natural #Artisan


Cali Soaps
Telephone: 619-796-3399

In Business Since:



Members affiliateds:
Members affiliated:




Andrew Williams 20x20
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   Offering: FIBO Quantum

Services : Investment Services


FIBO Quantum Fibonacci Quantum Go to: http://bit.ly/2K06Cxw
#trader #money #how #howto #invest #fibonacci
Price: $147 per unit (Fixed)


Andrew Williams


Virginia Beach, VA United States


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Bikash Timalsina
2019-04-11 12:24:27
i want some jobs for continuing my studies. anyone??

Kibebeti Jackson
2019-09-15 17:12:03
Write a new comment... @Bikash Timalsina I need grow in business


Medgar Parks
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  National Black Conference - Atlanta

Saturday October 19, 2019 (10:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
Past Event
Event Type: Business

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Atlanta Downtown Capitol Park, Atlanta, Georgia 30312 United States
Participants: 5 attending · 8 maybe · 2 declined

Welcome, everyone to Our 2nd annual Black Conference. This is the official conference representing the African Diaspora. The main purpose of this conference to:

1. Put in nominations for our official Black Gov't.

2. Begin the process of establishing a Collective Treasury.

3. Explore investment opportunities (real estate).

4. Establish a central care line/website/media outlet which brings us all together, allows us to express any concerns we are having publicly to form a sense of collectivism/unity and support. Keep us all on the same page.

These have been understood to be some of our major issues. No doubt, this is only the 1st annual conference. We must take this slowly, it is understood that it will take time to address most of our issues but we must start somewhere. I am very happy to have been blessed with the idea for this conference as well as the knowledge to understand why it is important. Who really knows why we have had to go through the things we've been through as a people? Hey, maybe this is the stuff greatness is made of it reminds me of a quote of mine which says, "we are the ancestors of a great people." Therefore, all we can really do is, first, learn who we are- in reality. And then, put one foot in front of the other and keep it moving. That's it. So here we are. We're here. Let's make the best of it.

Our Black Conference is the first annual Black Consciousness Conference with aims to unify black people from the world over in order to counter political issues and to educate and liberate black people. Our black conference will include speakers, music, and discussion around political organizing.

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-black-conference-atlanta-tickets-54472902919

Jeniece Parker
2019-04-15 20:30:20
I was feelin that song no doubt 🎧
Love me some Nas🎤😎

Sharifa Tatu Amadi
Sharifa Tatu Amadi1,011 
Educator, Entrepreneur & Activist
2019-09-23 12:00:01
Is this the same conference that was scheduled in Chicago, IL.?, It was cancelled a couple of times and never rescheduled...


Medgar Parks
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Racist/Tolerant Meter

Israel's decades-long war against Palestinians - murdering them, locking them up, bombing their houses and hospitals into rubble, and generally ensuring they live in a jail-like environment, makes it almost unnecessary to explain further why this country is on the list of most racist countries. Israel has a long history of also committing serious crimes against Israeli Arabs. Between March 2014 and February 2015, Israel's parliament, the Knesset, passed nine “racially discriminatory” laws, according to a report by the Coalition Against Racism in Israel. The same report recorded 66 cases of alleged racial discrimination committed by private citizens. The overwhelming majority of cases cited in the report allegedly targeted Arab Israelis, followed by Ethiopians.

Source: https://www.telesurtv.net/english/analysis/The-Top-12-Most-Racist-Countries-in-the-World-20150320-0019.html



Sondes Maadi
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  Designer .

Graphics & Design {Expert)


I'm a graphic designer and I'm professional within the graphic design graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, and motion graphics to create a piece of design. I creates the graphics primarily for published, printed electronic media, such as brochures  illustration, user interfaces, and web design.Designers should be able to solve visual communication problems or challenges. In doing so, the designer must identify the communications issue, gather and analyze information related to the issue, and generate potential approaches aimed at solving the problem. Iterative prototyping user testing can be used to determine the success or failure of a visual solution. Approaches to a communications problem are developed in the context of an audience and a media channel. Graphic designers must understand the social and cultural norms of that audience in order to develop visual solutions that are perceived as relevant, understandable and effective.[2] #design #logo #3D #trans


Sondes Maadi


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Godson Friday
2019-02-18 20:55:16

Abraham Samuel Ben
2019-02-19 05:50:50


Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks795,698 
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  Create Blaqsbi "How to" videos [ Payout: 50,000, Type: Community Support ]

Hello Blaqsbians,

Are you talented at creating videos? Take this challenge for the chance to earn up to {⋮b}100,000 for creating “how to” videos for Blaqsbi.

Here is how it works. Create videos that tells members how to use the platform. Earn {⋮b}5,000 for each video chosen. The response post must include the following tutorials videos:

  • How to create posts {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add articles {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add a links {⋮b}5,000
    • (Including video links such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) 
  • How to add polls {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add friendly places {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add challenges {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add events {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add businesses {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add exchange {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add rewards {⋮b}5,000

if 5 (five) or more of your videos are chosen you will win the challenge and earn {⋮b}50,000 plus {⋮b}5,000 will be transferred to your account for each chosen video.


  • One video per tutorial.
    • A single video containing the tutorials will be rejected.
  • Videos must have background music
    • Music must have a Creative Commons license (and the music download link must be provided)
    • http://freemusicarchive.org is a good source for free music
  • Videos must have either written or vocal directions
  • Videos must contain screen capture examples
  • Videos must be in English
  • Videos must not have any spelling errors
  • The response post must include a download link to the background music used in the video
  • The response post must have all the videos

To participate:

  1. Click on the "Join this challenge" button below
  2. Put your response in the comment box
  3. Click on the "Respond" button

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Akeel Norman
Akeel Norman1,524
2019-09-07 15:13:27
NAACP civil rights demonstration is disrupted by pro-segregationists - stock video/ NAACP pro-integration demonstrators arriving at Wooldridge Park and singing

Source: blaqsbi.com

Ibrahim Issaka
2019-09-29 12:44:24
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