The media platform for black people

The media platform for black people

Blaqsbi is a crowd sourced profit sharing media platform designed specifically for black people to share, believe, inspire



Leroy Sutton
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Dimitry Saint-Pierre
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Welcome to Blaqsbi

Thank you for visiting Blaqsbi the crowd sourced profit sharing media platform designed specifically for black people to share, believe, inspire. I am the founder of this platform and was born in one of the places white supremacist Trump called shithole. 

I created this platform because we need our own. Yes, we can create groups and pages dedicated to black people on mainstream social media. Because they are all controlled by white people who are working hard to keep white supremacy alive, the minute we post something positive about black empowerment we end up in social media jail. Mainstream social media networks banded together to define what is racism to allow racists to go unchallenged. Now they are defining “Black Empowerment” as hate speech.

They will NEVER let us fight racism and white supremacy on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! These white-owned platforms are designed to keep us subservient.

Don’t wait until the next unarmed black man is killed by racist cops or the next racially insensitive advertisement from corporations to start talking about having our own.

On Blaqsbi you will find:

  • Challenges section that teaches about black history, excellence and pride
  • Businesses section that lists small businesses all around the world 
  • Exchange section to buy and sell products and services
  • Talents section that list great talents for your next project
  • Events section that lists events that raise awareness in our communities
  • Places racist or tolerant to People of Color section that lists businesses and areas that treat back people equally 
  • Polls section that asks the hard questions about our community

Our mission is to be the ultimate media platform for black people.

We must have a unified social media platform to control our narrative and fight racism white supremacy.



Dimitry Saint-Pierre



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Peter Joseph
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Kimberly Smith 20x20
F P 2018-10-04 19:09:40 Blaq Economy 12K Views 126


Nonprofit (Minority Owned)


P.I.N.K. P.I.N.K. stands for Purpose Inspiring Nurturing and Knowledge. We develop young girls into Ladies, by teaching them to serve the community and others. We feed the homeless, and we also donate to shelters. We take trips, and help develop them for college.


Girls Club
Feed the hungry, build young girls into ladies, donate to shelters.
Cost: $50

In Business Since:





Aaron Arka
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F P 2018-06-14 20:15:27 (Updated) Blaq Economy 9.1K Views 26

   Offering: Drum set for sale

Merchandise : Musical Instruments


Drum set for sale This drum set has everything! 4 Tom tom's, 2 floor tom's, Bass drum and snare. 7 Zildjian cymbals that includes a China Boy, 2 hi-hats 1 opened 1 closed, all on brand new professional stands. DW-5000 double bass pedal, a cowbell and wood block. Also has a very comfortable professional drum throne. This is a professional drum set for a more experienced drummer. Practically brand new only a couple years old and barely ever used. Worth over $4000. Local pick up and Cash only! No paypal, No scams!
Price: $4,000 per unit (Negotiable)


Aaron Arka


Stamford, Connecticut United States




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This is D’Quandre Johnson's first post!
let's show some love and say hello. Do not forget to score, like and comment.

  The Brunch of Excellence

Sunday September 15, 2019 (12:00 PM - 3:00 PM)
Past Event
Event Type: Business

The Montgomery Chambers of Commerce, Montgomery, Alabama 36111 United States
Participants: 3 attending · 0 maybe · 0 declined

The Brunch of Excellence is the ultimate networking experience for entrepreneurs and individuals looking to gain knowledge on how to become an entrepreneur. The date is set for September 15, 2019. We’re calling all entrepreneurs in Montgomery and surrounding areas to come join us for this special brunch!



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Racist/Tolerant Meter


Facebook as been of racist outrage over the past few years. They take a quick action on a black profile and take a lesser actions on the whites




Billy Blaze
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  Do you believe that anti-black sentiment among whites is on the rise since the election of President Trump?

Do you believe that anti-black sentiment among whites is on the rise since the election of President Trump?

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Chris Radio
2019-08-13 16:47:08
I want to know who are the stupid 14 people that don't think Anti-Black sentiment isn't on the rise? I really want to know! Reply



Golden Women
B P 2018-11-16 06:00:12 Golden Women 10K Views 170

Black people can't be racist

A man cannot hate the whip with which he is being flogged but then be expected to love the person doing the flogging. When such a black man, lying helpless bleeding on the ground expresses hate for the white person wielding the whip, it is only reasonable.

Many times, in the presence of whites, I have found myself in a position that no black person should ever find themselves in. After being accused of being a racist by liberals and conservatives, both black and white, I have found myself having to explain my existence as a black person and why the system does not favor a person of color.

Having said this, there are two things I want to address: First, I have lost patience continuously explaining what it means to be privileged to a white person and why black pain is valid. Second, I understand that black people have a right to voice out their pain. Their pain does not require validation from a white person to be considered real. If your arrogance as a white person is blinding you from seeing this, then it’s time you did some introspection. Do not be quick to jump on the “victim” bandwagon and accuse blacks of being racist. Black people can never be racist – we never had the tools or power to institutionalise racial oppression. So next time you as a white person want to accuse black people of reverse racism and insufficient anger – check yourself and your privilege.

May we learn to stop equating the need to speak out against racial inequality with “angry blacks” or “black people punishing whites.” We do not have the time or energy or interest to hate – but what we do have time for is the emancipation of the black person both physically and mentally. Do not attempt to silence our voices. You will fail horribly at that. Black pain is valid and it demands to be felt.

On discrimination based on one’s colour, I can only concur that blacks can be prejudicial towards whites - but not racist. What do I mean? Before I attempt to give an explanation of my argument, I first have to define words that serve as the premises: prejudice and racism. Prejudice refers to a positive or negative evaluation of another person based on their perceived group membership. Racism on the other hand refers to social actions, practices or beliefs or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other. Furthermore, racism is socio-economic, with systemic structures which promote one race’s powers over another. Socio-economic being the operative word, I am certain you will agree that black people do not have the resources to impose such oppressive structures which enforce their superiority. White people on the other hand have, and had imposed them on blacks for over four centuries of slavery and colonialism. Black people can be prejudiced, but not racist.

And quite frankly, we black people are tired of having to deal with white people who have an inclination to play the ‘you’re also racist’ card. The energy and time invested in voicing such statement should be focused on understanding how whites can alienate themselves from their privilege and what is the source of black anger. By so doing whites will understand our pain and realise that they need to free themselves from the prison of privilege that took centuries to construct. The exclamation of such bigotry that blacks are also racist is incited both by white arrogance and ignorance. It’s about time we unpack all of the clueless vitriol that often comes from white people when we dare to talk about “black pain.”

We need to reject the notion that the blackness of our skin absolves us to the hate we are capable of spewing from our lips. We need to address the white view that when we talk about race we always seek for an easy target instead of a debate to transform the whole society. It has become a norm to be told that we are not the only victims in this world and racial oppression does not need to be given first priority over many oppressive issues caused by multitudes of privileges. For example, a black male is told to check on his heterosexual privilege, gender privilege, etc. The gender and wealth privileges are the most pardoned privileges amongst blacks and mostly they serve as a liberal propaganda in a form of campaigns to argue that we all have one form or the other of privilege. All forms of oppression need to be addressed but white feminism is far from multiple societal oppressions a black woman has to experience.

Lastly, we have to address those who are quick to accuse us of segregation when we question a liberal integration of all races whilst one race continues to thrive on the exploitation of the other. The segregation we advocate for is not a principle or a worldview but a tactic needed to remove hegemony from the struggle. Whites need not to reduce black pain by feeling the need to equate it to how they have also been mistreated and it is very suspicious of white liberals to quickly shout that blacks are also racist and their defence when they are asked to examine their privilege.

First of all, when black people voice out their pain that is not the time or the platform for whites to also “voice out an opinion.” White people need to learn the importance of respecting contexts and what is appropriate, at what time. When a woman has been raped, she is comforted and efforts made to give her justice; she is not simply told: “Oh, but don’t deny the fact that you too are capable of rape”. I find the white arrogance disgusting.

As concerned black people we are tired of having white people want to claim the spotlight even when all we want to do is talk about our pain. That is why we have been distancing ourselves from whites because black people have been robbed of opportunities of dealing with our pain on our own. Because in the past, every time we did, there was always a white person saying the same kind of thing or thinking in the same parallel: that the struggle is about classes in society not race. Why must black people educate white people on what it means to be humane? We are tired of doing that. And it’s crazy how the people closest to the oppression have to constantly explain themselves and their anger. This isn’t about you. Your opinion is not wanted. How dare you want to equate our struggle as black people, our black women especially, to what you go through?

The major problem with those who accuse blacks of being capable of racism lies with the comparison of pain. Our pain is an existential truth in its own right. You need to understand my fellow black people when they reject white involvement now. It’s primarily because of people who are arrogant and who think that “freedom of speech” allows them to speak whenever they want to.

Second, these are the things that do not sit well with me: 1) White and black scholars always in the forefront of defining and describing racism to the level of their academics or experience. Is it as if they are saying that people who are not white or from European origins or even academic route should not point out flaws in White people’s use of words in regards to reasoning because the colour of our skin discounts us from such a privilege? Apparently it is arrogant for us concerned blacks to even think about correcting a white person’s use of English on the context of racism. 2) The usage of the word racist being subject to find relevancy in the awful practice or hate speech by a black person. My assertion is that a black person’s attitude toward white skin could be prejudice – not that black people are racist. The usage of the word racist relative to a hate speech by blacks on blacks or whites is incorrect. A subjugated group cannot be racist – they can only be prejudicial. As I have pointed out, people have to make up their mind in regards to what exactly they seem to be advocating for. The colour of my skin does not discount me from being racist, but the very society that we as blacks find ourselves in – where we are automatically inferior due to the continuous systemic support of white privilege – discounts us from being racist. Due to the fact that we find ourselves in this inferior position it is impossible for us to be racist – do not make the struggle seem superficial by likening it to the colour of our skin – it’s more than that, and you need to start recognising that. Black liberals are buying into white people’s ignorance if their integration does not question white hegemony, arrogance and privilege of centuries.

There is no need to be petty – you have your opinion and you have the right to voice it. Just recognise my right to disagree with that view. Your advocacy – in saying we are racist for questioning your privilege and arrogance - shows exactly the mentality that black radicals have always been speaking out against. Just because a black person chooses to differ from the whites’ worldview, they should not be painted as bitter or hateful – I am allowed to speak out and differ form your view and my thoughts just like every other human being must be recognised as valid.

The call regarding the need for others to check their privilege is something that is important but completely irrelevant to debates on racial constructs – there are other victims in this world but the fact is that white privilege is still largely supported in South Africa – pointing them out is just an attempt to distract us from the topic at hand. Even if we engage on your matter – you must recognise that black people themselves must still face their subjugation by race in addition to their subjugation by wealth, gender, etc. So we will check our privilege, but recognise that your context is easier because you do not have to first bypass any constraints that your race places on you. Whites also need to be reminded that their privilege is mainly at the core of what keeps most of the world’s population underprivileged.

Whites who refuse to acknowledge the fact that in the current system blacks cannot be racist will necessarily miss the MASSIVE nuance around the discussion of structural and systemic oppression as opposed to simple slurs or offensive statements. In missing that nuanced discussion you would miss the opportunity to contribute to solving that problem. You would simply continue to ignore it. You would continue to alienate the real victims of oppression by equivocating their suffering to any prejudice experienced by someone who has the social standing to shrug it off. You would derail and scuttle the progress of those trying to solve the actual problem by forcing discussions to be re-focused on your own misunderstandings. You would continue to come across as bigoted and annoying. But if you want to continue with your way of looking at things, my suggestion would be not to continue to voice them on a comment of someone who has voiced their frustration based on experiences of oppression.

For a black person who for 500 years has known nothing but colonialism, nothing but apartheid, nothing but imperialism, it is only logical that such a man would hate the system. And reasonably, a man cannot hate the scourge that has whipped his body for centuries but love the person who has been doing the whipping. When such a black man, lying bleeding on the floor, helpless, professes to hate the white person wielding the scourge, it is only reasonable. The only time such a man can ever be accused of being racist is when he has his own scourge, equal in length and quality, as the one held by the white man whipping him. It is when the bleeding person is equal to his tormentor that he has the power to exert anything on him and to be racist.


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Oluwafemi Okeowo
2019-02-08 15:52:19
Every person or group of people can find something and someone in their history who has wronged them-and the further back, the greater the opportunity to find a hate target. Racism requires power or influence, personal power or influence over someone else. If I hate, but if I never have or use my power / influence on another, I am never a racist; to defend yourself against another is not racism either. It is wrong and racist to use power / influence against others for their race out of fear, revenge or retaliation. Slave owners, bigots, fear mongers, politicians, all people can rationalize / justify their behaviour. What you have done to my brother, any other relative, person or group of persons does not give me a free pass to "hate "and hurt you or any other person because of the color of their skin, gender, sexual preference, religion, nation of origin, age or socioeconomic status. It's wrong to hurt someone to make you feel better. Reply

Rahimatu Abdullahi
2019-03-20 18:21:00


Sondes Maadi
F P 2019-02-01 19:32:47 Sondes Maadi 4.1K Views 68

  Designer .

Graphics & Design {Expert)


I'm a graphic designer and I'm professional within the graphic design graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, and motion graphics to create a piece of design. I creates the graphics primarily for published, printed electronic media, such as brochures  illustration, user interfaces, and web design.Designers should be able to solve visual communication problems or challenges. In doing so, the designer must identify the communications issue, gather and analyze information related to the issue, and generate potential approaches aimed at solving the problem. Iterative prototyping user testing can be used to determine the success or failure of a visual solution. Approaches to a communications problem are developed in the context of an audience and a media channel. Graphic designers must understand the social and cultural norms of that audience in order to develop visual solutions that are perceived as relevant, understandable and effective.[2] #design #logo #3D #trans


Sondes Maadi


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Dimitry Saint-Pierre
Dimitry Saint-Pierre26,219 
Blaqsbi Founder Blaqard Member
F P 2019-01-09 18:12:35 (Updated) Dimitry Saint-Pierre 53.2K Views 1,091

  $500 to Help Start Your New Business [ Payout: 500,000, Type: Community Support ]

We are constantly told to take the money we spend on clothes, shoes, hair, expensive cars, and put it into investing or starting a business. Black Owned businesses are critical to true equality. You may have a great idea for a novel type of business, but do not have enough of money to get it off the ground. Because finding that seed money is much harder than it seems, we are giving our business minded members the opportunity to win $500 towards startup costs.

Join this challenge for the chance to win $500 for your new business.



  • Business must be new and not already be established
  • Business must not be any type of franchise
  • Business must not be a broker or re-seller of products or services from an existing business  
  • A business plan is required to qualify:
  • Business plan must have the following parts fully complete:
    • Business Idea - Describe the business concept clearly, fully, and concisely
    • Competitive Advantage - Describe how produce or service will differ from competitions
    • Team Members - Describe the job and roles of potential key members of the business team
    • Target Market - Describe the target market for the product or service (demographic, geographic, etc.)
    • Marketing Plan Outline - Describe the promotion and advertising plan
    • Operational Plan Outline - Describe the labor and equipment requirements and how the business will run day-to-day operations
    • Financial Overview - Describe the estimated project cost and start-up requirements
    • Opportunities & Challenges - Outline the opportunities and challenges the business might face
  • One submission per member
  • Written and oral presentation must be in English
  • Good source for Business Plan templates: https://www.lawdepot.com/contracts/business-plan


There will be two evaluation phases:

  • Written: We will review all submitted written business plans and select finalists
  • Oral: We will schedule calls with finalists to perform an oral evaluation where contestants will have the opportunity to verbally pitch their business idea to our judges


Some of the criteria judges will consider in their evaluation include but are not limited to:

  • Clarity, completeness, and persuasiveness of the written business plan and the oral presentation
  • The market opportunity presented (is there a clear market need and a way to take advantage of that need)
  • The feasibility, uniqueness and quality of the business plan idea (is the product, technology or service feasible and does it provide something novel that gives it a competitive advantage in the market)
  • The feasibility and quality of the business model, including the financial projections
  • The financial and social return of the business (is it a real opportunity in which members would invest in)
  • The capacity and strength of the management team (experience and expertise)
  • As part of the oral phase, the quality of the members’ responses to questions from the judges


Follow the steps below to participate:

  1. Send a copy of your business plan to Dimitry Saint-Pierre via the message function (Do not post the plan in the comment)
  2. Click on "Join this challenge..." button
  3. Type "Business plan sent" in the message box
  4. Click on the " Respond" button

Good luck!

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Handy man or self tutior

2019-09-16 13:10:37
Freelance buisness