Huddle: B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)
B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)

B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)

This HUDDLE was created to discuss technologies & business solutions… And to network and practice Group Economics, including Pan African business!



  In need of Telecommunication Services?

We know the ever-evolving telecommunications industry can be hard to navigate. That’s why we do the legwork for you. 

Let our team of experts lower your costs while improving your call quality, network and public/private bandwidth. 

Best of all, we are your first line of support. You’ll never wait on hold with a carrier again.

We offer solutions in Connectivity, Network Solutions & VoIP Phones and Power Supplies.


Connectivity is about moving data from one place to another, anywhere in the world. The network connects users regardless of where they are—from branch offices and headquarters to data centers and the cloud.



Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) technologies are now critical to a company’s infrastructure and central to every business model. 

UCaaS streamlines operations, giving IT the ability to tackle once tedious tasks with the click of a button. Unified Communications encompasses the complete experience for your hosted phone system and communications system. 

By leveraging the cloud, employees can enjoy the benefits of remote work while still enjoying the same features as a traditional on-site employee.



The cloud allows companies to move the hardware and software that used to live on their premises and migrate it to the flexible and resilient cloud.


Contact: André D, Henderson, Sr.  at Advanced iNergies LLC 
Email: ahenderson@engineer.com
Phone: (214) 664.5154

Solutions are customized for each business:
All we need is a copy of your networking, telephone and or internet bill (send in an email) and tell us what issues you have with your current system or functions your business needs, we have a solution. 

And we will either find you a SAVINGS... Or we will provide increased functions and features to your system at the same cost your paying now!

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