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Sr. Energy Consultant | 514,961 | Local time: 10:06 pm



  Information on Advanced iNergies LLC

Advanced iNergies LLC was founded in 2007 as Advanced NRG Solutions (as a consulting firm) and we had to change our name in 2014. 

After changing our name, we changed our focus and morphed into a company that subcontracts with different companies as an independent contractor. 

The companies we selectively partnered with allows us to provide a plethora of cost & energy saving solutions to our clients; our focus being Commercial Properties.

Our SOLUTIONS include Supply Side Solutions and Demand Side Solutions... What does that mean?!

Supply Side Solutions are associated with providing a source for energy (Electricity & Natural Gas) to a facility from a REP (Retail Energy Provider) or a Alternative Energy Source (like Solar and Wind).

All supply side solutions saves the end user money as it reduces the cost per kilowatt hour you are paying. 

For even more information on the Products & Services we provide, visit and scroll our profile on Alignable.

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Residential Promotions (Electricity rates for your Home)   Additional Promotions

Demand Side Solutions are associated with reducing the energy consumption, use less, pay less... Resulting in cutting more cost!

Some of the other technologies we offer on the demand side include energy saving lighting, back up generation & batteries, hvac, power line conditioning and energy management tools.

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Technical Solutions that save you Money 💵:

Supply Side solutions (including Residential Solar)

For Commercial Business Owners  (w/ single or multiple Residential Properties) send your electric bill to andre@eweg.com

Demand Side solutions

Battery Backup solutions 

Telecommunication solutions (Telecom Services Ad)

Non-Technical Solutions that helps you generate, keep & save more of your MONEY 💵:

Call Center Services (site is up but currently under development)

HDH Products:

Auto Dialer VoIP Solutions 

HDHtv (iPTV Streaming Device)


To see specific information on the types of energy products available, scroll our Alignable profile.

If your business is in a state with deregulated electricity or natural gas we guarantee we can help you reduce the amount you pay for your energy! 

We help you reduce how much you pay and consume, in addition, if you’re a business owner, we can add your home to your contract to save you even more! 

Business owner’s or Decision maker’s outside of Texas and want to know if we can help them save money, but doesn’t know if you are in a state with deregulated electricity and/or natural gas.... Check here!

CALL CENTER SERVICES: Looking to increase revenue for your products and services... We’ve partnered and focused on and only provide Inbound and Cross Selling Services through our Call Center; but we can provide Outbound Call Services for customers that provide a scrubbed DNC List. 

Contact our Business Development Services for more details!

* We bring Direct Campaigns to our Call Center for a flat fee per product, per system sold or per each enrollment of each service you provide.


⚡️ For pricing on Commercial Electricity Solutions: 

Email:  andre@eweg.com    Office:  (469) 720-0777    Cell Phone:  (214) 664-5154

☀️ For on Solar, Telecom, Battery Back up & other Commercial Solutions:

Email:  ahenderson@engineer.com    Office:  (469) 573-8883    Cell Phone:  (214) 664-5154

⚡️ For Residential Electricity (call or email our Call Center):

Email:  info@lowerourenergybills.com   Promotions 1(800) 359-0131   Cell Phone:  (214) 664-5154

📞 For Call Center Promotions (Inbound, Outbound & Cross Selling Campaigns):

Email:  ahenderson@engineer.com    Office:  (469) 573-8883    Cell Phone:  (214) 664-5154

💳 For Merchant Services Opportunities (The office number is best to call):

Email:  ahenderson@nbmsinc.com    Office 1(844) 626-8337 ext. 128   Cell Phone:  (214) 664-5154

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André D. Henderson, Sr.

André D. Henderson, Sr.    

Sr. Energy Consultant | 514,961 | Local time: 10:06 pm


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