Huddle: Black's Story!
Black's Story!

Black's Story!

In this huddle, any blaqs user can participate, tell us about those memorable moments in their lives they wish to share with the worldwide black community.


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Thomas Fuller, an African sold into slavery in 1724 at the age of 14, was sometimes known as the “Virginia Calculator” for his extraordinary ability to solve complex math problems in his head. He was asked how many seconds there were in a year and a half, he answered in about two minutes, 47,304,000. Again he was asked how many seconds a man has lived who is 70 years, 17 days and 12 hours old, he answered in a minute and a half 2,210,500,800.

One of the men was working out the problems on paper, and informed Fuller that he was wrong, because the answer was much smaller. Fuller hastily replied, "'Top, massa, you forgot de leap years." When the leap years were added in, the sums matched. #The African History!

These are the kind of histories our children should know about their and our ancestors...
...not always about the idols and evils they did and curses they left us; and so need to spend half of their lives casting and binding. 😏
2022-01-14 16:51:48

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