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  How Africans Can Earn Money on Social Media

how to make money onlineAre you jobless or not earning enough money to live a comfortable life in Africa? Are you conscientious enough to resist resorting to ritualism or scamming others to make money? Did you know that with much determination and a strong will, anyone could earn a lot of money on social media? This message is only for ethical people so if you’re into scamming, it's not for you. This is how you can start making money without anything other than your mobile phone and an internet connection.

A lot of people are desperately trying to escape poverty in their various African countries. Many are risking their lives and either ending up in slave camps in North Africa or are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Europe. We know that times are hard and opportunities are low or non-existent but there is always a solution. The main reason why Africa is poor is because Africans would rather take their education and skills overseas than try to build up their communities. The only way that this situation will ever stop is by Africans beginning to love their countries again.

Social media is the #1 place where most people spend their time on the internet. That means that businesses are now abandoning TV and Newspapers and are using social media as their #1 method of advertising. Social media companies must therefore try to keep their users engaged as long as possible. The longer someone stays on a social media website, it’s the more valuable that social media website becomes in the eyes of Advertisers. Trust me; Advertisers can easily find out the detailed statistics of any website on the internet.

Unlike TV and newspapers, social media companies did not have a good way of providing content that could keep people coming to and staying on their websites until about a decade ago. The method they adopted to capture and hold the attention of their users is the partnership of “Creatives” and “Influencers”. A creative is someone who creates original content and posts it to social media for other people to view it and either be entertained or informed by that content.

An Influencer is someone who has developed a significant following on social media. Their social media accounts usually have hundreds, thousands, and even millions of followers, which ensures that everything they post will get thousands of Views, Likes, and Shares. Influencers are usually celebrities or people who easily appeal to human desire; therefore, we will focus on how you can become a Creative first.

As mentioned before, a Creative is someone who posts original content onto social media for other people to view. The way a Creative makes money is by either becoming a member of or a “partner” with a social media company but the good part about this is that virtually anyone can do both. For instance; you can make money on Blaqsbi by simply becoming a member but in order to make money on YouTube, you must qualify as a partner.

Becoming a partner with a social media company like YouTube is far more lucrative and if you want to do it, this is what you will have to do.

Step 1 is to create a Google account as Google owns and runs YouTube then go to YouTube and create a YouTube channel.

Step 2 is to decide what you want to make videos about and start posting the videos onto your YouTube channel. You can make videos about anything you want but if you don’t know where to start then I suggest that you simply start watching other people’s videos. This will give you inspiration and the understanding that you don’t need to be an expert to make videos for YouTube. All you need is determination and consistency. Do your best to post at least one video per day.

Step 3 is to promote yourself and your videos to other people on YouTube as well as other social media such as Blaqsbi, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The reason for this is to not only get channel subscribers but to also increase your watch time so that you can eventually qualify to become a Partner and start getting paid.

In order to qualify to become a partner, your videos must have a combined watch time of at least 4000 hours and your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. This might take you a few months or even longer but don’t get discouraged. There are African YouTubers making over $100,000 US dollars per month on YouTube but they didn’t achieve their success overnight.

Step 4 is, once you’ve achieved your qualification, to apply for partnership and an Adsense account. Adsense is one of the advertising systems that Google uses. Adsense is for people who own original content on their social media accounts and their websites and wants to use that content to earn advertising revenue.

Google will then partner with you and place advertising alongside your content. You get paid when someone either clicks on the advertising or stays on a page where the advertising is visible for a set amount of time. Once you’re approved for YouTube Partnership and Google Adsense, Google will then begin to pay you for using your content to deliver advertising to the general public.

Step 6, the final step is to stay engaged with your channel by posting content frequently. This will show Google that you are serious about building a presence and they will begin to help you by including your content in searches. Soon your channel will grow in views and subscribers and enable you to transform your popularity into you becoming an Influencer. As an Influencer you can then make residual income selling your own brand merchandise as well as non-Adsense Sponsored Advertising.


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Integral Dohgon

Integral Dohgon @Integral  

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