Huddle: Fatherhood Engagement Service
Fatherhood Engagement Service

Fatherhood Engagement Service

Is it time for you to add more value to your life? I am ready to connect with you. There is no price on...ersonable, and accepting? You Choose when that happens I can only support you when you are ready.



   Black Fathers, can you answer these questions? for 10 - Trivia

1) Listen to the video of questions being asked. https://bit.ly/38yN1j3

2) Then video your answers to the questions.

3) Every question asked must be answered

4) Post your video answers on Blacqsbi’s Fatherhood Encouragement Huddle.

5) Lastly, type in the Fatherhood Encouragement Huddle what you learned about your thinking about this challenge. #areyouanopenbook
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