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Our mission is to be the ultimate media platform where black people can speak freely and share ideas without fear of censorship. Let’s huddle together to share knowledge, to believe in our greatness and to inspire others towards unity.

We are the only black-owned networking platform in the world where you are rewarded for promoting black culture, pride and excellence.

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  The Last African Worldviews Session - Open Table Discussion.


When: 2024-06-08 12:00:00: Saturday June 8, 2024 (12:00 PM - 3:00 PM) - EDT (America/New York)
Duration: 3 hours
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Online: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/84428606485

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The Last African Worldviews Session - Open Table Discussion.  - June 8, 2024
Open table discussion.

We look forward to hear your viewpoint.

Event Type: Community

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Hallo everyone I am starting a community project to help needy children in our our slums by providing them with free sanitary towels ,since majority come from poor families who can't afford the sanitary towels leave alone having three decent meals in a day .majority of the girls are forced to stay away from school during their mens and missing on learning time which affect their grades .
Paul Mwaura is requesting 10,000 in donation.
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"Unbreakable Spirit"

Through intimate and candid conversations, Dr. Kingya©, delves into various aspects of healing, inviting a diverse array of guests – experts, psychologists, survivors, and advocates – to share their unique stories of triumph over relationship trauma. Together, they explore the many facets of healing, providing listeners with practical insights, tools, and coping mechanisms to navigate their own journey towards wellness. Episodes are released weekly. Subscribe:
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"Afro-Bougie Blues: A Collection of Short Fiction"

Afro-Bougie Blues is about characters with stories that are relatable because it captures struggles people deal with in everyday life. The author’s captivating prose and incredible storytelling will plunge the reader into fascinating worlds and challenge them to take on new perspectives that in turn inspire, move and entertain.




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Unaccountable Policing and Bipartisan Support: How the COPS Program and New Legislation Threaten Community Safety and Justice. #BM #News #Opinion #Politics #SN #WeeklyColumns





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"The Network Journal"

The Network Journal is a quarterly print and online business magazine for Black professionals and small business owners. TNJ is dedicated to educating and empowering its readers. TNJ founded in 1993, is dedicated to educating and empowering its readers by: providing news and commentary on issues that affect the growth of business and the advancement of professionals in the workplace.


  Do we still have Civil Rights activists still fighting for what is right?