For black people

For black people

Blaqsbi is a media platform designed specifically for black people to share, believe, inspire

We are 695,111 members strong and growing. Make the switch and join the migration home. Our voices as one.

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Welcome to Blaqsbi

Thank you for joining Blaqsbi the media platform designed specifically for black people to share, believe, inspire.

I created this FREE platform because we need our own. Yes, we can create groups and pages dedicated to black people on mainstream social media. Because they are all controlled by people who are working hard to keep white supremacy alive, the minute we post something positive about black empowerment we end up in social media jail. Mainstream social media networks banded together to redefine the meaning of racism to allow white supremacy to go unchallenged. They have already defined “Black Empowerment” as hate speech to quelch our voices.

They will NEVER let us fight racism and white supremacy on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! These white-owned platforms are designed to keep us subservient.

More important, we do not need another black version of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter concerned only with collecting our information or collecting our dollars. We need a platform that is intensely focussed on our mental, economic, spiritual, and physical liberation.

Don’t wait until the next unarmed black man is killed by racist cops or the next racially insensitive advertisement from corporations to start talking about having our own.

Our mission is to be the ultimate media platform for woke black people.

We must have a unified social media platform to control our narrative and fight racism and white supremacy.



Dimitry Saint-Pierre