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  R&B with Soul Food Tour (Lunch Tour)


When: 2022-12-31 17:00:00: Saturday December 31, 2022 (5:00 PM - 8:00 PM) - EDT (America/New York)

Duration: 3 hours

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Location: Camp North End, Charlotte, North Carolina 28206 United States

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Explore The City Through Food, Music, & Fun Tour The City - Enjoy Foods & Flavors - Listen To Music & Sing Carpool Karaoke

Move and groove with your taste buds as you savor foods and flavors on our southern soul food-inspired Karaoke Food Tour. Take a stroll down memory lane listening to old school and new school R&B while visiting soul food locations with succulent, scrumptious, and luscious taste & flavors.

All tours include space for up to 5 people. Groups larger than 5 should call to schedule a custom tour.

We will send your specific tour itinerary after your ticket purchase.

One(1) ticket purchase is required per tour participant.

Our tours are facilitated by a knowledgeable, respectful, and fun tour guide, who will shuttle guests around in a 7 passenger, karaoke van. As you are shuttled around the city, you will observe famous and historical sites, all while being entertained by interesting facts about the Queen City.

We really like scenic views but we love to sing! Sing it! Sang that! All guests will have the opportunity to sing their favorite R&B songs, karaoke-style! Sing with your friends or sing a solo, as we cruise through Charlotte, leaving a trail of beautiful harmonies.

We will take you to THREE of our favorite soul food restaurants where guests will have the opportunity to taste some of Charlotte's local flavors.

Each tour is set to last for around 3 hours, including 3 food stops

Extra stops can be accommodated while on tour for a fee.

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Locations
Free, Safe Parking! Pick-up and Drop-off @ Camp North End parking lot

Camp North End parking lot - 300 Camp Rd Charlotte, NC 28206

R&B with Soul Food Tour (Lunch Tour) image
Explore Charlotte, NC like never before! Come sing with us! Come eat with us! Experience Charlotte in a new way. Reserve your ticket today.

Our R&B with Soul Food Tour is a tour guest favorite. Sing your favorite R&B songs while touring the Queen City! We have some of the best soul food on the planet. We will stop at three of our favorite resturants where you will have an opportunity to taste our local flavors.

R&B with Soul Food Tour (Lunch Tour) image
Singing, laughing, eating, and exploring the beautiful Queen City are what you will experience when you book an amazing tour with Karaoke Food Tours!

For this tour, the theme is R&B with Soul Food. Bring your friends and let's sing some epic R&B hits, while touring Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets. Tickets are going fast. Reserve your tour today!

Event Type: Food

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