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  Healing Talk Session: Any Topic


When: 2022-07-16 12:00:00: Saturday July 16, 2022 (12:00 PM - 3:00 PM) - EDT (America/New York)

Duration: 3 hours

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Online: https://www.blaqsbi.com/social/s/507f4ef6-ed97-403c-9a06-460f25431db3/space/space/videoconference

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About the session: Talking starts the healing process. This is a weekly session to give one another moral support. We talk and express our views on the Black experience. We provide each other non clinical friendly advise on how to cope and deal with our shared challenges. No health and wellness topic is off the table.

When: Every Saturday from 12:00 to 3:00pm EST.

We look forward to talking to you every week.

Event Type: Community

Podcast/radio Shows

"The Chris & Co. Super Show"

Mr. Chris, The Company, & Guests of the show chime in on the News, Politics, and Racial elements on how it affects all people, but especially black people. P.S. Also one of Mr. Chris's favorite shows 👍🏾 #TalkRadio #News #Politics #ChrisRadio #Talk #Blaqsbi #Super #Radio #Informative
Book Suggestions

"The First Black Slave Society"

In this remarkable exploration of the brutal course of Barbados’s history, Hilary McD. Beckles details the systematic barbarism of the British colonial project. Trade in enslaved Africans was not new in the Americas in the seventeenth century – the Portuguese and Spanish had commercialized chattel slavery in Brazil and Cuba in the 1500s – but in Barbados, the practice of slavery reached its apotheosis.

Barbados was the birthplace of British slave society and the most ruthlessly colonized. The geography of Barbados was ideally suited to sugar plantations and there were enormous fortunes to be made for British royalty and ruling elites from sugar produced by an enslaved, “disposable” workforce, fortunes that secured Britain’s place as an imperial superpower. The inhumane legacy of plantation society has shaped modern Barbados and this history must be fully understood by the inheritors on both sides of the power dynamic before real change and reparatory justice can take place.

A prequel to Beckles’s equally compelling Britain’s Black Debt, The First Black Slave Society: Britain’s “Barbarity Time” in Barbados, 1636–1876 is essential reading for anyone interested in Atlantic history, slavery and the plantation system, and modern race relations.
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