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James Wormley Jones was the first black person hired to be an FBI agent and informant. He was hired to infiltrate Marcus Garvey organization. His job was to spy on Garvey and try to find evidence that could build a legal case against Garvey to destroy his movement.
⚠️ Marcus Garvey’s "Code was #800

We've always had black people among us that worked against us, and some of them even worked with outside groups and races to destroy us. In most cases they did it for money, or some type of personal gain.

Whether it was the house slave that gave away the escape plan when the other slaves were trying to run away, or whether it was the black FBI agents and informants that worked to destroy black leaders and black organizations. Even today we have blacks among us that are destructive to our race.

In researching black FBI agents and informants I notice that most of them all had one thing in common. Most of them were former police officers at one point. Let's take a look at some of them that worked to destroy black organizations.

William O'neal was the black FBI informant that gave the police the layout to Fred Hampton apartment. Oneal was Fred Hampton's bodyguard, and he use to live in the home with Fred Hampton. He's the one that drew the diagram of Hampton's apartment for the police, and he showed them which room was Fred Hampton bedroom. Hampton was one of the founders of the Black panthers and he was staying in the home with another Black Panthers member Mark Clark.

The police fired 100 shots into the house killing Hampton and Clark. The police then went into the home and shot Fred Hampton twice in the head at point blank rage as he lay on the bed.

This is William O'neal the informant that had the Black Panthers set up. He's the guy standing in the front. He said that the FBI normally paid between 300 and 500 dollars when he gave them Information.
These sellouts need to be seriously dealt with.
2019-04-10 17:40:41
Henoch Morgan

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