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The media platform for black people

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Blaqsbi is a 100% black-owned and operated profit sharing media platform dedicated to black excellence worldwide. It was founded in 2018 with a strong belief that true freedom can only come from unity. When we are united, we have an abundance of...

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Joseph Bonney
Joseph Bonney 4,644  
2019-02-13 10:44:37 I Love Black Women 3.1K Views


Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey 763  
2018-09-09 15:57:21 (Updated) Michael Harvey 577 Views


Jeremiah Israel,FEPS®
Jeremiah Israel,FEPS® 643  
Insurance Advisor, Talk Radio Host
F P 2019-08-02 02:26:53 (Updated) Jeremiah Israel,FEPS® 1.3K Views 7

  Amani Family Talk Radio

Business & Information (Minority Owned)


Amani Family Talk Radio About Us
Amani Family Talk Radio is a radio forum with a mission to support and inform the black community regarding: relationships, marriage & family, health, legal rights, investments, business ownership, and more! We also host special guests to impact our listeners on a variety of topics.

Our current scheduled special guests include:
Dr. Rosenna Bakari, Psychologist
Emmitt Combs, Real Estate Broker
Angela Green, Entertainment Lawyer
Yolanda Moore, Investments & Entrepreneurship
Danielle Pierce, Real Estate Entrepreneur
Jeremiah Israel, Insurance Advisor
...and more!

Affordable Advisement
***Get on the Radio***
We support and encourage black business owners & social entrepreneurs. Amani Family Talk Radio can promote your business or social outreach, for as little as $49.00, to a monthly listener platform of 1 million listeners! Let us know how we can help! #Radioaffordableadvisement

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Members affiliated:




Aaron Arka
Aaron Arka 13,202
F P 2018-06-14 20:15:27 (Updated) Blaqsbi Economy 9.6K Views 26

   Offering: Drum set for sale

Merchandise : Musical Instruments


Drum set for sale This drum set has everything! 4 Tom tom's, 2 floor tom's, Bass drum and snare. 7 Zildjian cymbals that includes a China Boy, 2 hi-hats 1 opened 1 closed, all on brand new professional stands. DW-5000 double bass pedal, a cowbell and wood block. Also has a very comfortable professional drum throne. This is a professional drum set for a more experienced drummer. Practically brand new only a couple years old and barely ever used. Worth over $4000. Local pick up and Cash only! No paypal, No scams!
Price: $4,000 per unit (Negotiable)


Aaron Arka


Stamford, Connecticut United States




Bruce odams
Bruce odams 1,043  
F P 2019-11-17 09:00:28 Bruce odams 268 Views 8

  B&K Music & Movie Awards Show

Saturday November 23, 2019 (10:00 PM - 2:00 AM)
Past Event
Event Type: Club Event

Riverside Hall, 601 Division Ave NE, WASHINGTON, DC 20019 USA

B&K Music & Movie Awards Show
Honoring the best in the Film & Music Industry in the DMV Area
Saturday, Nov 23, 2019
Time: 10p – 2a
Location: River Side Hall
Address: 601 Division Ave NE, Washington DC 20019
Live Performances & Awards Presentations
Info: 202-556-1772
Please visit website for tickets
#Awards #music



Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks -91,160  
Blaqsbi Admin
F P 2018-09-16 13:22:30 Blaqsbi News 10.6K Views 4



Racist/Tolerant Meter

Israel's decades-long war against Palestinians - murdering them, locking them up, bombing their houses and hospitals into rubble, and generally ensuring they live in a jail-like environment, makes it almost unnecessary to explain further why this country is on the list of most racist countries. Israel has a long history of also committing serious crimes against Israeli Arabs. Between March 2014 and February 2015, Israel's parliament, the Knesset, passed nine “racially discriminatory” laws, according to a report by the Coalition Against Racism in Israel. The same report recorded 66 cases of alleged racial discrimination committed by private citizens. The overwhelming majority of cases cited in the report allegedly targeted Arab Israelis, followed by Ethiopians.

Source: https://www.telesurtv.net/english/analysis/The-Top-12-Most-Racist-Countries-in-the-World-20150320-0019.html



Ogechukwu Oku 20x20
F P 2019-03-02 07:38:58 Blaqsbi Economy 8.9K Views 101

  Graphic artist

Graphics & Design {Intermediate)


Digital artist, I draw and create artworks Digitally..I make Portrait illustrations from reference Photographs, caricature drawings, cartoon characters  ,fashion illustration, turning your paper drawn sketches to digital works, or creating a fashion collection my self ,pattern designs, phone case and mug designs, also have enthusiasm for graphic design such as flyers and postcard designs... Follow on Instagram @itz_ogey...for phone case designs are on www.society6.com/ogey. My artworks could be for a personal use of as a gift to your family members and loved ones.Price depends on what you want done for you..Send a DM or Whatsapp +2347013546625 thanks #digitalartist #graphicdesign #artist




Ogechukwu Oku



Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks -91,160  
Blaqsbi Admin
F P 2018-10-04 19:09:08 (Updated) I Love Black Women 66.6K Views 1,072

  Black Women Show Your Natural Self Challenge [ Payout: 2,500, Type: I Dare You ]

Black women. Here is a challenge for you. Remove the makeup. Take off the wig or take out the weave and wear you natural hair. Join a challenge that will show the pride you have in your real self.

How to play:

Simply get rid of all the fake crap that has you looking like every other women and post a selfie video of your natural self.


  1. In the beginning or end of the video, you must face the camera and say “I am doing the Blaqsbi Natural Self Challenge”
  2. Your response must be a video
  3. You have to be a female

To participate:

  1. Click on the "Join this challenge" button below
  2. Put your response in the comment box
  3. Click on the "Respond" button

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