The media platform for black people

The media platform for black people

Blaqsbi is a crowd sourced profit sharing media platform designed specifically for black people to share, believe, inspire

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Blaqsbi is a 100% black-owned and operated profit sharing media platform dedicated to black excellence worldwide. It was founded in 2018 with a strong belief that true freedom can only come from unity. When we are united, we have an abundance of...

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lameck Thindwa
lameck Thindwa 2,993  
2019-03-10 11:13:32 lameck Thindwa 484 Views


André D. Henderson, Sr.
André D. Henderson, Sr. 61,279  
Sr. Energy Consultant
F P 2018-08-21 18:26:23 (Updated) Blaqsbi Economy 35.6K Views 343

  Eastwood Energy Group

Business to Business (Minority Owned)


Eastwood Energy Group Are you tired of run-of-the mill energy brokers?

Time to work with an Energy Consultant to advise you in a volatile energy market.

We provide energy and money saving solutions on both the Supply and Demand side.

It seems there's always someone looking to get you a better deal, but you're smarter than that.

As our clients know, Energy procurement isn't just about price, because any legitimate broker will have competitive pricing.

We bring value by addressing both Energy Cost & Demand Charges!

Energy procurement is about having the right product for your business built around your current needs, future plans and relevant risk tolerance.

Let me make it easy for you... If you live in a state with deregulated electricity, we can show you ways to save on your Rate, Energy Consumption and Demand Charges.

Find out if you’re business is in a state with deregulated electricity and contact us... https://www.electricchoice.com/map-deregulated-energy-markets/

Let us educate you on the energy market and help prepare you to make better energy procurement decisions now and in the future! #Energy #CommercialElectricity #Electricity #Consultant #EnergyBroker #Power


Commercial Energy Solutions
We provide various TERM’S from 6 months to as much as 72 months (60 months and longer are typically for School Districts & Municipalities). We also have several products to meet your business needs including: ~Fixed All Inclusive ~Fixed Excluding Congestion (partially variable) ~Index Product (variable) ~Easy Flex (fixed & variable) ~Time Of Day (TOD) and Time Of Usage (TOU) We profile your business and let multiple providers compete for your business to ensure your getting the best market rate for your business!
Cost: $0

In Business Since:






Rhoda Coleman 20x20
F P 2018-09-11 15:24:58 Online Business 13.7K Views 249

   Offering: HUD EVENTS CREW

Services : Event Planners


HUD EVENTS CREW It is a group of companies that has come together as a team and we do Events Decos, Sound System Rentals, Dj Services, Catering Services and MCs Services #HubEventsCrew
Price: ₵4,000 per day (Negotiable)


djcoleda@outlook.com / +233547620070
Rhoda Coleman


Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana



Bruce odams
Bruce odams 1,041  
F P 2019-11-17 09:03:26 Bruce odams 310 Views 7

  B&K Overnight New York Shopping Trip $145

Saturday December 14, 2019 7:00 AM - Sunday December 15, 2019 11:00 PM
Event Type: Sales/Shopping

Perrywood Elementary School, Largo, Maryland 20774 United States

B&K Overnight New York Shopping Trip
$145 (Includes Shopping, Hotel & Transportation)
Bus Leaving out of the Washington DC Area
Departs: Perrywood/Largo Rec Center, 431 Watkins Park Dr, Upper Marlboro MD
Dec 14 – 15, 2019
Woodbury Commons Outlet & Jersey Gardens Outlet
Bus Departs: Saturday, Dec 14th @ 7AM
Bus Returns Back to Maryland: Sunday, Dec 15th @ 11pm
Hotel Info: Fairfield Inn & Suites, Paramus NJ
Info: 202-556-1772



Billy Blaze
Billy Blaze 12,249
Truth Seeker
F P 2019-05-18 10:22:12 Amerikkka 3.8K Views 25



Racist/Tolerant Meter


What most slave minded black people, who, sad to say are from Africa, do not see is how evil and racist Facebook is and how it protects white supremacy and silences black people who speak truth while they promote black people who post the most self degrading messages towards black people. Fuck Facebook!




Sammy Oson
Sammy Oson 1,176  
F P 2018-08-27 16:36:16 Sammy Oson 21.9K Views 105


Music & Audio {Intermediate)


I may say it's a talent and also it's my passion. I do Hip Hop, dancehall, ridim and rnb. I started music when I was still young 10 years old but never showed that much interest than when I was 16 years old. I have been struggling and still struggling and I hope to succeed one day. I love Music. I have one audio track only . So far I have experienced alot and full of challenges that are making me more stronger. I believe in my music that am also a super star. My Dream of reaching to that level is just so close. To improve my music I need more support and also getting on good sponsors and management to push me and reach where I want. I do music to impress, acknowledge my fans and also making the world a better place. I will appreciate for your biggest  support. @pmbclassic. 


Sammy Oson




Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks 160,752  
Blaqsbi Admin
S F P 2018-07-14 10:08:22 Blaqsbi Marketing 49.9K Views 1,141

  Be a blaqsbi evangelist [ Payout: 50,000, Type: Community Support ]

Want to help us grow while making some Bmunts? Join this challenge to earn {⋮b}250 per post plus get {⋮b}50,000 after reaching 200 posts. This challenge has a total value of {⋮b}100,000.

How it works:

  • Simply post messages to any public social media profile, page or group with 10,000 or more friends, followers or members and get {⋮b}250 for each approved post then get {⋮b}50,000 after you reach 200 approved posts ({⋮b}50,000 worth of evangelist posts).


  • Download the video below:

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  • Post the following message with the video above to the profile, page or group: 
    • "Blaqsbi.com is a revenue sharing media platform dedicated to black excellence worldwide. Let’s huddle together to share knowledge, to believe in our greatness and to inspire others towards unity. Go to https://www.blaqsbi.com to learn more"
  • Copy the permalink of the post:
    • How to get a Facebook permalink for a wall post
      • On desktop:
        • Go to the time line and choose the post for which you need the permalink and then go click on the time stamp.
        • Clicking on the time stamp will get the permalink on the URL bar at the top.
        • Copy the permalink URL.
      • On the App:
        • Go to the time line and choose the post for which you need the permalink and then click on the top right menu icon.
        • Click on the "Copy Link" button to copy the permalink URL.
    • How to get Twitter permalink for a tweet
      • Go to the time line and choose the tweet for which you need the permalink and then click on the top right menu or the tweet.
      • Select Copy link to  Tweet
  • Create a post in your profile and paste the permalink there. Do not post the permalink in this post.


  • The social media profile, page or group must have 10,000 or more friends, followers or members
  • ONLY UNIQUE APPROVED posts  will earn {⋮b}250  (Duplicates will be disqualified)
  • {⋮b}50,000  will be rewarded only after member has reached 200 APPROVED verification posts

Thank you in advance for your support.

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