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2018-12-16 08:53:52 Blaqsbi Politics 3.8K Views


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Alfreda Coats 20x20
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  Eyes 4 Ankara

Clothing, Accessories, & Shoes (Minority Owned)


Eyes 4 Ankara We sell African printed fabrics. Also selling satin hair bonnets made from designer Ify Ojo. We offer preorder sales. You can order straight from Africa if we do not have the fabrics desired currently in stock. We sell brands like Daviva, Excellence, Ankara Holland, Firabella satins and more


Alfreda Coats
Telephone: +1 (989) 822-2686



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2018-12-02 13:57:51



Rhoda Coleman 20x20
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   Offering: HUD EVENTS CREW

Services : Event Planners


HUD EVENTS CREW It is a group of companies that has come together as a team and we do Events Decos, Sound System Rentals, Dj Services, Catering Services and MCs Services #HubEventsCrew
Price: ₵4,000 per day (Negotiable)


djcoleda@outlook.com / +233547620070
Rhoda Coleman


Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana

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Ansar Hayat
2019-04-11 03:02:23


Medgar Parks
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  National Black Conference - Atlanta

Saturday October 19, 2019 (10:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
Past Event
Event Type: Business

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Atlanta Downtown Capitol Park, Atlanta, Georgia 30312 United States
Participants: 5 attending · 8 maybe · 2 declined

Welcome, everyone to Our 2nd annual Black Conference. This is the official conference representing the African Diaspora. The main purpose of this conference to:

1. Put in nominations for our official Black Gov't.

2. Begin the process of establishing a Collective Treasury.

3. Explore investment opportunities (real estate).

4. Establish a central care line/website/media outlet which brings us all together, allows us to express any concerns we are having publicly to form a sense of collectivism/unity and support. Keep us all on the same page.

These have been understood to be some of our major issues. No doubt, this is only the 1st annual conference. We must take this slowly, it is understood that it will take time to address most of our issues but we must start somewhere. I am very happy to have been blessed with the idea for this conference as well as the knowledge to understand why it is important. Who really knows why we have had to go through the things we've been through as a people? Hey, maybe this is the stuff greatness is made of it reminds me of a quote of mine which says, "we are the ancestors of a great people." Therefore, all we can really do is, first, learn who we are- in reality. And then, put one foot in front of the other and keep it moving. That's it. So here we are. We're here. Let's make the best of it.

Our Black Conference is the first annual Black Consciousness Conference with aims to unify black people from the world over in order to counter political issues and to educate and liberate black people. Our black conference will include speakers, music, and discussion around political organizing.

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-black-conference-atlanta-tickets-54472902919

Jeniece Parker
2019-04-15 20:30:20
I was feelin that song no doubt 🎧
Love me some Nas🎤😎 Reply

Sharifa Tatu Amadi
Sharifa Tatu Amadi993 
Educator, Entrepreneur & Activist
2019-09-23 12:00:01
Is this the same conference that was scheduled in Chicago, IL.?, It was cancelled a couple of times and never rescheduled... Reply


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Racist/Tolerant Meter

A sector of Germany's population is extremely racist, while other Germans have organized to defend migrant and refugee rights, among others. However, over half a century after Adolf Hitler's effort to eliminate all “impure races” from the country, ordering the genocide of millions of Jewish people, many Germans still believe in white supremacy. The Neo-Nazis still exist today and openly talk about anti-Semitic ideas. In 2011, a study by the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research found 47.1 percent of Germans believe there are too many foreigners in the country. Nearly 30 percent agreed foreigners should be removed from Germany if jobs became scarce.

Source: https://www.telesurtv.net/english/analysis/The-Top-12-Most-Racist-Countries-in-the-World-20150320-0019.html



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  Do you approve of black/white interracial marriage?

Do you approve of black/white interracial marriage?

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Gregory Allen
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2019-09-03 16:46:04
Less than 50 years ago it was not only illegal in most States, but you could be hanged for even dating a white person. Now, since their race is dying (lowest birth rates on the planet) they want your seed! GTHOH Reply

Diaconu Claudiu
2019-10-01 02:57:47
Si mie dacă imi plac femeile de culoare, este vreo problema? Se vrea egalitate doar din anumite principii? Reply


abiodun owodunni
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B P 2018-08-15 10:06:33 abiodun owodunni 9.5K Views 189

either the life bring you smiles or it brings you sorrow . just make sure you learn from that moment

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Sherylyn Ching
2019-04-08 11:57:32

Chris Radio
2019-06-25 11:38:44
This is coming from a guy who doesn't believe in black history month and was having sex with his step-granddaughter. So this clown can miss me with his wannabe coon wisdom. It's not true & he's not right. Reply


joshua tetteh
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Music & Audio {Intermediate)


Doing something for God is something i will never regret ...well  everyone can call me josh, am a upcoming instrumentalist and am really passionate about drumming. let just say i have been drumming for  8 years  for my church ..am not a circular instrumentalist but , you know what , all  i can say is if you are  doing something, do it and do it well from within ..am still young, am 24 and  still trying  some other stuffs like IT programs . but i still have  plans to upgrade my self in playing instrument to the glorification of Jesus ..contact information Cnt:       +233548504882 Email:     joshuatettehsav@gmail.com


joshua tetteh


Terrance Thomas
2019-05-12 11:06:09
have you considered recording some of your drum riffs? you have the potential to become a producer, work with other producers, and collaborate with independent artists. please contact me!
3projh@gmail.com Reply
Gmail is available across all your devices Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Sort, collaborate or call a friend without leaving your inbox.

Source: gmail.com


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F P 2018-06-15 17:06:31 (Updated) Blaqsbi Introductions 28.3K Views 1,082

  Write an Article About “How to Make the World a Better Place" [ Payout: 2,500, Type: I Dare You ]

Hello family,

Are you a talented writer? Take this challenge for the chance to earn {⋮b}2,500.

Here is how it works. Write an article about “How to make the world a better place.”


  • Article must be at least 800 words
  • Work must be yours not someone else's work or ideas. (Plagiarize content will be disqualified)
  • Article must be in English
  • Article must provide ideas on how to improve the world

Have fun!!!!

To participate:

  1. Click on the "Join this challenge" button below
  2. Put your response in the comment box
  3. Click on the "Respond" button

1% Complete

Login to complete this challenge and earn 2500

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Jesse Egbe
Jesse Egbe5,469  Blaqard Member
2019-10-20 22:38:53


> Blaqsbi is not a "get rich quick" social media site; It is a profit building site. A body and mind capacity building, and unity site set it to create the change we've all consciously or unknowingly yearned.

> It is not a government or international community fund raiser or grant distribution site. It is a social media site where you can earn extra income for the time and IDEAS you put into making it better.

> It is not for every one who wants to join; but for every Black person in the world who wishes to join the migration toward better, united and prosperous Black community the world over.

> Blaqsbi does not pay cash directly to your local bank account; you get paid through PayPal Money, Payoneer, Mobile Money (Worldremit), Gift cards and other merchandize from online stores.

> Blaqsbi is not a "particular country owned" or "particular country only" site. It was created by African-American co-founders and it's for Black people worldwide.

> Blaqsbi, like every other social network site when newly created, is still new in the public domain and still undergoing certain secondary improvements.

> It is not another online Ponzi scheme to exploit people; it is a profit sharing platform for Blacks and rewards you for your time and imputes, hardworking and you're acts of kindness and humanity.

> Blaqsbi is not fully done and dusted yet; it continues to seek more ways to make the platform better and grander.

> Blaqsbi founders and administration alone do not proffer the ideas for heightened performance; any user can make suggestions for newer and better features to be included and earn huge reward for doing so.

> Blaqsbi is not only in the business to make money; contrary, the primary goal of Blaqsbi is to unite the worldwide black community, to inspire, motivate and promote unity amongst Black people.

Earn "Bmunt" (points) by simply sharing photos, videos, opinions and reviews.
Instead of wasting your time posting on other mainstream networks and getting little or nothing for your work, join us to learn more about Black history, the concealed deprives achievements of our fathers and their own fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers to the present day and also make some extra incentives of cash and have fun!

Average Profit Analysis On Blaqsbi.

I made an assertive and equally affirmative statement yesterday to some folks that being consistent for a year on Blaqsbi can make you more than enough money to foot a year's rent for a Self-contained or a 1-Bedroom Apartment in any city or country in Africa.

Haven said that, be reminded that making money isn't the primary goal of the site's creators.

But if making money from it can be a motivating factor that'll bring about the migration needed to achieve its aim of becoming the number one network for Blacks, then here's more of that motivation as this article analyzes the potential annual payout a user can take home with reasonable consistency and commitment to Blaqsbi and the greater good it aims to achieve.

Now regardless where you are in the world or what currency you spend, get ready to have your mind blown with these analytical proves I'm going to give you as you read on.

I researched Facebook to a Wikipedia site that profiled the network from inception in February of 2004 till September of 2018. Not redirecting you to the site though, as I'm not going to bore you with all the irrelevant details, yet the two details in the link I want you to take note of is the year Facebook was registered in the public domain and it's current asset worth.

Facebook officially started in 2004 with less than US$5,000 and in 15 years (2018), its total asset hits US$97.334B (Ninety seven billion, three hundred and thirty four million US dollars).

Try converting that to naira at any African currency rate and see how confuse your device gets.

Facebook amasses these billions of dollar off the willing pockets of 1.7 billion active and inactive users including you and I and the question l would like to ask is, "How much have you made from this sum?".

Probably nothing!

Now let's forget the unfortunate and bitter truth for a moment and dwell on the positive going forward...

Let's imagine that Facebook pays its users from when they signed up their Facebook accounts; using myself as case study and Bmunt value against the dollar.

I signed up my first account on Facebook in 2008 and later created two more. Imagine that my posts has been earning a minimum of 5 points each from 100 friends daily starting from 2008 till date (2019), and I made, say minimum of two posts per day!

From 2008 to 2019, my first account is 12 years now. Let's use this one account for the summation.

Say I had two posts per day and only 100 friends reacted or scored me at least b5 per these posts out of over 2500+ friends I have on facebook.

That is,

b5 per post X 100 friends
= b500 X 2 posts per day = b1,000 per day

Therefore, b1000 X 365-days per year = b365,000.
Remember that, b1000 = US$1

Thus, b365,000 devide by b1000
= US$365
Therefore $365 X 12 years = $4,380

That's how much money I could've made from facebook for 12yrs, from just two posts per day and scored by only 100 friends.

Now imagine that I earned from all three accounts, made more than two posts per day and scored by more than 100 friends per post!

And that's your mind blowing truth there!

An average of $365 extra money per year can foot the rent bills for a befitting apartment anywhere in Africa.

So now you know how Facebook makes so much and leaves so little or nothing for the people who play important roles in making their success possible and here are these Black Folks who presented the same opportunity as Facebook and even let us earn as they do.

Now I guess it's safe to say "Join Blasbi For Free Today And Earn US$350+ in one year!

Get Paid While Fighting Racism and White Supremacy!

b1,000 = US$1!

No registration fee required!

In closing, I'd like to quickly point out my disappointment in a reasonable number of folks in the platform with few observation I've made so far.
Folks, we're suppose to support and encourage one another and try to give others as many reasons to stay as possible; and one way to achieve that is to score user's posts.

Thanks to the admin that has made it possible for every user to do so. I couldn't help but notice hundreds of posts with 100s and 1000s views but only struggling to attract 10-15 scores. One post I remember vividly had precisely 104 views with only b7 scored by an automagic score and three users. What happen to the 101 users who viewed the post!

We can do better!
We have to do better!
I implore us to encourage, especially the newbies coming in so that they will stay and be a part of what's happening here.
"Blaqsbi" is unintentionally promising to be an institution for learning as surely, a number of things I've known here are things I never thought were.

They're soul-sobering Black histories that gets shared in here that were never taught in institutions and higher learning grounds of Africa.

Let's not deprive not by reason of our own carelessness deprive others from learning their own histories. We're all intricately interwoven, not by skin alone, but by mind and soul.

Jesse Egbe

2019-10-21 07:04:46

Humans live in social communities which interact with one another for survival.They can not live in isolation and their activities make the world worth living. Unfortunately, in our interactions with one another,endless problems crop up and in our bid to solve these problems, we exhibit our selfish nature and end up multiplying them. Coming from different races,tribes, and having different religious and cultural beliefs have also not helped the situation. If life could be so demanding for the able bodied,can we just pause for a second to imagine how it will be for the disadvantaged and less privileged. It is therefore important to make everyone inclusive in this vision.
So for me, making the world a better place should and must start with ways of solving the numerous problems that man encounters.

These problems to mention a few include what to eat, what to wear, where to sleep, financial problems, health issues, lack of love, educational needs, relationship issues, drug abuse, juvenile deliquences, hatred, bad eating habits, crime, unemployment, terrorism, road accident, corruption, fire outbreaks, domestic violence, ethnic and religious violence, character and personality issues, lack of space to rejuvenate, overcommitment, insufficient or total lack of social infrastructure.
For every of these mentioned issues, there is a solution if everyone would brace up and just do one little act of kindness,show social responsibility or generosity in an effort to make the world a better place.
To achieve this, I will suggest the following steps:
1) Identify one of these problems; the truth is there is somebody whose situation is worse than yours(because all fingers they say are not equal)
2) Solve the identified problem for the individual or community (through gifting, repair or help in acquiring social amenities, scholarship, community development task etc)
3) Be committed to the task while solving the problem and never expect a reward for your kindness instead
4) "PAY IT FORWARD";ask anyone or everyone who have benefitted from you to identify a problem within their capacity and solve.(they should also never expect or incite a reward from the person or people they help)
This I believe is a way of showing "LOVE" the commandment that is greater than all and that which is capable of creating a multiple effect of a community of people helping people and would this make the world a better place.
But before we can do all these, we must first conquer ourselves by ourselves. By this I mean we must first observe some basic principles that ignites a peaceful world
1) We must learn to love ourselves and treat everyone the way we would like to be treated at all times; for love they say conquers all.
2) Do not be idle. Get up and do something for an idle mind is the devil's workshop.
3) Smile and say hello to people that come your way.
4) Learn to correct children with love even if they are not biologically yours because that behavior you refused to correct today will have a way of affecting you and the society at large in the near future.
5) Maintain a healthy environment, do not litter and cause environmental degradation instead, think of ways to recycle your waste.
6)Be tolerant of other people's opinion, religion and cultural beliefs.
7) Do not listen or partake in gossip.
8) Always express gratitude and make it a habit.
9) While driving, put away your phone and drive patiently.
10) Never drink and drive or drive and drink
11) Observe all safety rule as such, never be in a hurry and put people's lives or property in danger.
12) Never take out your anger on anyone;learn the habit of self control.
13) Be contented with what you have.
14) Make honesty and integrity your watch world.
15) Take permission before taking what does not belong to you.
16 )Never make yourself a judge for you do not know what is going on in someone's life until you have walked in their shoes.
17) Spend quality time with the people you love and in the positive things that you love doing; for a time lost can never be regained.
18) Stop wastage and be conservative.
19) Be a good and patriotic citizen.
20) Engage in volunteering activities like tutoring children.
21) Be responsible and pay your bills.
22) Exercise to keep fit and never neglect your health.
23) Be a role model and live by example.
24) Do not jump the line; wait your turn.
25) Eat healthy. Include portions of fruits and vegetables in your daily meal.
26) Pay complements and above all stay happy.