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P 2019-08-24 21:59:24 (Updated) Al Wallace 47 Views 1

Can a New Religion or Cult be the Solution to Achieving Genuine Black Unify?

Can a new religion or cult be the solution for achieving genuine Black unity? This idea is debatable. On one hand a Black only religion or cult would provide the psychological focus that Black people need for inspiration, for personal comfort, and for racial pride. On the other hand, do we really need more fantasy distractions to take our minds away from the hatred of other races towards us?

We know that our psyche needs an operating system to help us navigate a world we are born into without knowledge. We acquire knowledge, determine personal purpose, pursue happiness then die, often unfulfilled due to the many inequities in life. One major inequity is the racism, exploitation, and discrimination we have faced as a race for the past 500 years.

Religions and cults have spawned ritual practices that are helping colonizing races to conquer and indoctrinate indigenous people or they are helped indigenous people rebuff the religions and cults of colonizers. Indigenous people such as the Asians and the South Asians have done very well at rebuffing the religions and cults of Europeans by adhering to their own belief systems.

Other indigenous people such as the North and South American Natives and the South Pacific Islanders including Australia, haven’t fared as well. In fact, many of them are only hanging on to their religious traditions by a thread. Afrakans and our descendants that have been spread throughout the world by Slavery and forced migration are the only lost cause when it comes to being able to rebuff the psychological influences of nontraditional religions and cults.

In the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, and on the Continent itself, Afrakans (Black people) have wholeheartedly embraced the religions of our colonizers, be they Arab or European. In many cases you can’t argue with a Black religious person due to the faith they hold that God or Allah will reward them for the inequities they are enduring in life. I witnessed the height of this blissfulness when I visited Haiti 20 years ago. The people were super religious but were in dire despair at the same time.

When we see the low level of consciousness in Black communities, creating a new religion or cult to encourage racial unity may not be such a bad idea. Many people may deny it but religions are cults. If you ask a religious person what the difference between a religion and a cult is most will say religions praise god while cults praise idols, deities, and the devil. The only difference I see is that some are physical while other is abstract. Does that mean that people who praise the devil are practicing a valid religion?

Why do Black and Afrakan people have such a hard time achieving racial unity?

In order to achieve racial unity, we must first understand what unity is. Unity is a mental state in which a set of commonalities encourage people to form a social “Bond”. Unity is found in many forms in society. It could exist through Religions, Cults, Groups of people who practice a similar lifestyle, Gangs, Sororities, Racial and Political Idealists or anything else that unifies a group of people so much that they are willing to make personal sacrifices to defend the group.

In order to understand why Black people cling to religions even when they don't help our racial unity we must analyze the essence of the power of religion itself. The power of religion lies in maintaining Blind Faith in a Belief that God is real. Then belief is supported and enhanced by gathering to engage in praise of God. Singing songs of praise while expressing one’s full range of emotions grows Soul energy.

In a gathering of people expressing the same strong emotions, the energy of all their Souls begin to vibrate in unity. This invisible energy field makes people begin to feel funny and they begin to believe that their God is now among them. The problem with Soul energy vibration is that it can be generated in any circumstance where people of the same emotional mentality have gathered. When people with bad minds gather and they generate emotional energy, that energy turns into Devil energy.

The ethics of creating a religion or cult to encourage Black unity.

Religions and cults require leaders or keepers of the “rules”. These keepers would understand and know that the religion or cult is not real but in order for the religion or cult to hold power as independent entities, average Black people must not know that the belief system is fake. This is the source of the power of all religions and cults in operation today so why would we wish to maintain this form of deception, especially when they have been instrumental in our depression?

Creating and propagating a fake belief system would be useful in capturing the attention of our reckless youth who are doing nothing other than destroying our race through crime, violence, immorality, drug use, and self-hate. We know that the destructive energy the youth are projecting is the result of centuries of cultural destruction at the hands of our oppressors. In order to instill their religions and cultures on our people, they had to destroy ours.

Black and Afrakan people are slowly waking up out of our colonial slumber and turning to Afrakan Spirituality for comfort but unfortunately, we are taking to belief systems such as Voodoo, which were designed for instant gratification instead of long-term psychological sustainability. Now I see our brothers and sisters in many areas of Afraka destroying their own communities by killing innocent people to use their body parts in “Ritual” practices. It seems that we haven’t learned anything about how religions and cults really work.

I am no fan of religions and cults however, if by adopting one of them and using it to generate a force for Black unity is possible, I would be all for it. I believe in the Pendulum Principle of creating change through revolution. In such a situation, true change must swing to the opposite end of the spectrum before people eventually settle in a center point of sanity. #cults #religions #Blackunity #AfrakanSpirituality

Dimitry Saint-Pierre
Dimitry Saint-Pierre - 5,854
Blaqsbi Founder Blaqard Member

Welcome to Blaqsbi

Thank you for visiting Blaqsbi the crowd sourced profit sharing media platform designed specifically for black people to share, believe, inspire. I am the founder of this platform and was born in one of the places white supremacist Trump called shithole. 

I created this platform because we need our own. Yes, we can create groups and pages dedicated to black people on mainstream social media. Because they are all controlled by white people who are working hard to keep white supremacy alive, the minute we post something positive about black empowerment we end up in social media jail. Mainstream social media networks banded together to define what is racism to allow racists to go unchallenged. Now they are defining “Black Empowerment” as hate speech.

They will NEVER let us fight racism and white supremacy on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter! These white-owned platforms are designed to keep us subservient.

Don’t wait until the next unarmed black man is killed by racist cops or the next racially insensitive advertisement from corporations to start talking about having our own.

On Blaqsbi you will find:

  • Challenges section that teaches about black history, excellence and pride
  • Businesses section that lists small businesses all around the world 
  • Exchange section to buy and sell products and services
  • Talents section that list great talents for your next project
  • Events section that lists events that raise awareness in our communities
  • Places racist or tolerant to People of Color section that lists businesses and areas that treat back people equally 
  • Polls section that asks the hard questions about our community

Our mission is to be the ultimate media platform for black people.

We must have a unified social media platform to control our narrative and fight racism white supremacy.



Dimitry Saint-Pierre



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André D. Henderson, Sr.
André D. Henderson, Sr. - 48,557
Sr. Energy Consultant Blaqard Member
2019-02-23 08:38:37
@Crystal Harrison want to be taken seriously... Get a profile picture and your Blaqard 👌🏾 Reply

Thankgod Ukachukwu
2019-07-16 17:15:15


Stephen Jonathan 20x20
F P 2018-12-28 07:49:07 Blaq Economy 6.3K Views 152

  Mafay Cake Designers & Catering Services

Food & Service (Minority Owned)


Mafay Cake Designers & Catering Services CAKES FOR HAPPYNESS
Mafay Cakes are experts in designing, baking, decorating, packaging and deliver cakes for all events known under the sun. We have been in baking business for over four (4) years, a duration enough to practically tell about our experience.
While our principal offices are located at Kinyerezi Mwisho near Kifuru, We deliver our services all over Dar es Salaam and serve orders from upcountry Tanzania and Zanzibar. We normally take our esteemed customers’ specifications, provide advice if needed and design things that never stop wowing them.
Customers are advised not to engage much in thinking on how to make their events hot and outstanding among others, we do that job with excellency. Apart from baking business, we also excel in Food Catering Services. Our team is so creative in making sure that foods for your event never match any you have ever tasted. We simply cook the best that human tongue can taste!!

In Business Since:



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Mafay Cakes are experts in designing, baking, decorating, packaging and deliver cakes for all events known under the sun. We have been in baking business for over four (4) years, a duration enough to practically tell about our experience. While...


Members affiliateds:
Members affiliated:




Rhoda Coleman 20x20
F P 2018-09-11 15:24:58 Online Business 12.9K Views 244

   Offering: HUD EVENTS CREW

Services : Event Planners


HUD EVENTS CREW It is a group of companies that has come together as a team and we do Events Decos, Sound System Rentals, Dj Services, Catering Services and MCs Services #HubEventsCrew
Price: ₵4,000 per day (Negotiable)


djcoleda@outlook.com / +233547620070
Rhoda Coleman


Kumasi, Ashanti Region Ghana

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Mustafa El baz
2019-03-20 17:18:35

Ansar Hayat
2019-04-11 03:02:23


Medgar Parks
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F P 2019-03-03 12:54:52 (Updated) Blaq Excellence 4.2K Views 45

  National Black Conference - Atlanta

Saturday October 19, 2019 (10:00 AM - 5:00 PM)
Event Type: Business

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Atlanta Downtown Capitol Park, Atlanta, Georgia 30312 United States
Participants: 3 attending · 5 maybe · 1 declined

Welcome, everyone to Our 2nd annual Black Conference. This is the official conference representing the African Diaspora. The main purpose of this conference to:

1. Put in nominations for our official Black Gov't.

2. Begin the process of establishing a Collective Treasury.

3. Explore investment opportunities (real estate).

4. Establish a central care line/website/media outlet which brings us all together, allows us to express any concerns we are having publicly to form a sense of collectivism/unity and support. Keep us all on the same page.

These have been understood to be some of our major issues. No doubt, this is only the 1st annual conference. We must take this slowly, it is understood that it will take time to address most of our issues but we must start somewhere. I am very happy to have been blessed with the idea for this conference as well as the knowledge to understand why it is important. Who really knows why we have had to go through the things we've been through as a people? Hey, maybe this is the stuff greatness is made of it reminds me of a quote of mine which says, "we are the ancestors of a great people." Therefore, all we can really do is, first, learn who we are- in reality. And then, put one foot in front of the other and keep it moving. That's it. So here we are. We're here. Let's make the best of it.

Our Black Conference is the first annual Black Consciousness Conference with aims to unify black people from the world over in order to counter political issues and to educate and liberate black people. Our black conference will include speakers, music, and discussion around political organizing.

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/national-black-conference-atlanta-tickets-54472902919

Jeniece Parker
2019-04-15 20:30:20
I was feelin that song no doubt 🎧
Love me some Nas🎤😎 Reply


Billy Blaze
Billy Blaze - 15,604
Truth Seeker Blaqard Member
F P 2019-05-18 10:22:12 Amerikkka 1.3K Views 25



Racist/Tolerant Meter


What most slave minded black people, who, sad to say are from Africa, do not see is how evil and racist Facebook is and how it protects white supremacy and silences black people who speak truth while they promote black people who post the most self degrading messages towards black people. Fuck Facebook!


Tycer Greigh
Tycer Greigh - 4,323 Blaqard Member
2019-07-16 09:20:35
They love it though.

They tend to love anything that makes them feel equal to white folks. Reply


Billy Blaze
Billy Blaze - 15,604
Truth Seeker Blaqard Member
F P 2018-10-20 22:07:48 Amerikkka 13.3K Views 204

  Is your personal friendship group racially homogeneous?

Is your personal friendship group racially homogeneous?


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Olugbenga Williams
2019-03-20 04:59:38


Aliyu Ahmad
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F P 2019-05-17 17:41:53 Aliyu Ahmad 628 Views 11

this short clip caught my fancy, especially considering how it's positive message will impact upon those kids as they grow into adults.
Really impressive!!

Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks - 4,810,476
Blaqsbi Admin Blaqard Member
2019-05-17 19:17:26

Al Wallace
2019-05-17 22:13:04
Excellent. Self confidence is the ultimate self motivator Reply


Aaron Arka
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F P 2018-06-14 20:45:49 (Updated) Blaq Economy 21.2K Views 79

  Processional Session Drummer

Music & Audio {Expert)


I live in the great city of Stamford, Connecticut and I've been playing drums for over 20 years. I've been recording from my home studio for the past 10 years. I'd love the opportunity to record drums for your project. I play Peal Masters drums, Paiste Cymbals. I have A&F, Pearl Masters, Pearl Sensitone, Yamaha Musashi, Ludwig Supraphonic snare drums. I record in Logic Pro X using Apogee Rosetta converters, Neve, and Warm Audio mic pres. I use Sennheiser MD421's on toms, Shure SM57's on snare, Shure KSM 32's on overheads. 

My specialty is working remotely. I'm easy to work with, and I'm professional - I know you're paying hard earned money for tracks - and I want to make sure that's well spent.I've got a studio full of drums. In fact, I had to expand and build a 600 sq ft. stand alone studio next to my house to keep from exploding. Generally, I record on a custom made walnut-ply drum set with various snare drums and cymbals. I typically don't choose what I use until I hear your vision. From there, I'll choose from my carefully selected collection of drum sets, percussion, snares and cymbals, only use and set up what I need. Most of the time, a less is more approach is the key. In fact, I recorded a pop EP recently without using any toms. It musically didn't call for it - so we left them on the shelf. 

I record using quality equipment - mics, interfaces, monitors, DAWs, etc. I can get into it with you if you'd like, but with today's technology - everyone has the equipment - it's the performance and vibe that is key. I have years of experience in making what's hitting the mic sound great!I'd be looking for an mp3/wav/aiff file of your current mix, hopefully tracked to a click. I don't need the click included, but as long as you can tell me the BPM, we'll be good to go.

I'll track a few takes, and send you a rough mix to start the discussion. We can go back and forth and land at something you like. If you like the first one, great! If not - no worries... it's your song after all! Once approved, I'll send you a link to a ZIP file containing separate, raw, tracks for each drum or percussion instrument I've recorded, all starting from "0". They'll be high quality, 24/48 or 24/96. If you want a little post-processing, no problem. I can even send you a fully mixed drum bus stereo track, if you don't want to deal with individual tracks.


Aaron Arka


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Seher Bhatti
2018-11-15 18:44:39
All I want to do is come and look at your drum set. Sounds amazing. Reply

André D. Henderson, Sr.
André D. Henderson, Sr. - 48,557
Sr. Energy Consultant Blaqard Member
2018-12-02 14:03:13


Medgar Parks
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  Be a blaqsbi evangelist for up to {⋮b}100,000 [ Payout: 50,000, Type: Community Support ]

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  • Download the video below:

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Thank you in advance for your support.

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Samuel Ajuzieogu
2019-07-28 12:17:23
We are here to make it clear to give you what you ever think that you can't ever be all you have to do is give you a chance give you a try and you see the only chance to be here #blaq😍

Charles Davis
2019-08-24 12:52:55
Working on this challenge.