Huddle: Blaqsbi Introductions
Blaqsbi Introductions

Blaqsbi Introductions

This huddle is for members to introduce themselves.


Nathan Brz

Hello black people! My name is Nathan and yes I'm a REAL person. I am an Admin/moderator on the Facebook private group called "Black Gun Owners Only (1)" which is being watched HARD by the FaceBook police. My goal is to use this platform as a SAFE Pro-1st Amendment and Pro-2nd Amendment space for black people to talk legal topics gun related WITHOUT the FB police shutting down a group because a BLACK man/women used the N-word or c&&n! Let's talk and I look forward to piloting this platform. #2A #2ndAmendment #BlackGunOwners
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Integral Dohgon
Don't own a gun but I support your initiative. Welcome to Blaqsbi
2020-10-09 19:04:29

Integral Dohgon
@Nathan Brz I'm sure if I lived in the US I would own one but I live in Canada where gun ownership is discouraged and you'd have to be a preacher's son to clear the background checks to get one.
2020-10-10 00:14:08

Nathan Brz
@Integral Dohgon Ah ok. Makes sense.
2020-10-10 00:19:01

Philip Essah
Philip Essah   2,682
Trusted Hands Construction

Nice and we truly appreciate it
2020-10-10 05:40:47

Nathan Brz

Nathan Brz  

2,777 | Local time: 09:41 am


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