Huddle: Blaqsbi Introductions

Blaqsbi Introductions

This huddle is for new members to introduce themselves, help each other and get questions answered on how to navigate your way around the platform


Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks 1,282,555  
Blaqsbi Virtual Admin
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Have you earned your Blaqard yet?

We welcome anyone to join our platform. But, to maintain trust and consistency among our black family we ask that members have their profile certified as a black person.

With a Blaqard certification members enjoy full access to the platform and are eligible to receive free cash cards, gift cards and merchandises directly from Blaqsbi. Get your "Black Card" (Blaqard) certification today!

What do I need to get a Blaqard certification?

You must have at least 5 public post to qualify for a Blaqard. Public posts have a green P located at the top left corner and are visible in the main sections of the platform.

Only Moderators  can make posts public. Moderators will do so if they believe a post celebrates black lives and stories, inspires, makes people think, educates, brings smiles or opens the mind to new possibilities.

Once you have the required number of public post, go to your  Account settings and use the form to start the process.

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Bongani Simelane
No how can I earn this card
2020-03-28 07:50:08
Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks 1,282,555  
Blaqsbi Virtual Admin
2020-03-28 07:56:54

Precious Irechukwu
Please i need it
2020-06-18 13:46:28