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Dimitry Saint-Pierre
Dimitry Saint-Pierre   4,657,072

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   Seeking: Social Media Content Moderator Intern (Remote)

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Social Media Content Moderator Intern (Remote)


Description and Requirements

The Content Moderator position is responsible for ensuring legal compliance and safety of content uploaded to the Blaqsbi platform.

Specific Responsibilities May Include:

Review videos, posts, comments, reviews, photos and live streaming content according to the social network’s policies, workflows and targets, which may include graphic, violent, explicit, political, profane and otherwise disturbing content
uphold a high standard of accuracy and quality while fulfilling job responsibilities
Participate in frequent refresher training to always conduct correct moderating policies
Add accurate metadata/tags to content items, identify and escalate potential risks to relevant teams
Make suggestions for improving efficiency
Draw up daily activity report

Required Experience, Skills & Competencies:

Demonstrated stable job tenure
Social media savvy
Strong emotional intelligence and resilience
Sound coping, emotion regulation, and stress-management skills
Ability to to perform duties objectively, devoid of inherent biases or personal beliefs
Accurate and critical work attitude
Proclivity towards complying with procedures, policies and objectives set in place and taking a disciplined approach when undertaking tasks
Strong prioritization skills
Ability to think critically and make quick decisions
Enthusiastic and proactive team player
Collaborative and has a growth mindset
Strong spelling, grammar, and reading skills
Experience in content or community moderation is a plus
High school diploma or equivalent
Willing to pay: Free


Dimitry Saint-Pierre
Dimitry Saint-Pierre


Charlotte, North Carolina United States



Dimitry Saint-Pierre    

Blaqsbi Founder | 4,657,072 | Local time: 12:55 am


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