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Blaqsbi Support

This huddle is for members to help each other and get questions answered on how to navigate your way around the platform.


Medgar Parks
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  Create Blaqsbi "How to" videos for up to {⋮b}100,000

Payout: 50,000 | Type: Community Support

Hello Blaqsbians,

Are you talented at creating videos? Take this challenge for the chance to earn up to {⋮b}100,000 for creating “how to” videos for Blaqsbi.

Here is how it works. Create videos that tells members how to use the platform. Earn {⋮b}5,000 for each video chosen. The response post must include the following tutorials videos:

  • How to create posts {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add articles {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add a links {⋮b}5,000
    • (Including video links such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) 
  • How to add polls {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add friendly places {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add challenges {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add events {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add businesses {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add exchange {⋮b}5,000
  • How to add rewards {⋮b}5,000

if 5 (five) or more of your videos are chosen you will win the challenge and earn {⋮b}50,000 plus {⋮b}5,000 will be transferred to your account for each chosen video.


  • One video per tutorial.
    • A single video containing the tutorials will be rejected.
  • Videos must have background music
    • Music must have a Creative Commons license (and the music download link must be provided)
    • http://freemusicarchive.org is a good source for free music
  • Videos must have either written or vocal directions
  • Videos must contain screen capture examples
  • Videos must be in English
  • Videos must not have any spelling errors
  • The response post must include a download link to the background music used in the video
  • The response post must have all the videos


  • Create videos
  • Join the challenge
  • Upload all  the videos in the comment box
  • Click on the Respond button

Have fun!

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