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Blaqsbi Support

This huddle is for members to help each other and get questions answered on how to navigate your way around the platform.


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  Report a bug and earn up to {⋮b}1,000

Payout: 1,000 | Type: Community Support

This is a great opportunity to help us improve the Blaqsbi experience for our growing community. All you need to do is report a bug that you find while exploring the platform. This includes any misspellings, errors, or nonfunctioning buttons.

If the bug you find is a legitimate issue you will automatically earn (Ч⋮)500 plus a Bug Finder Level X badge valued up to (Ч⋮)500.

Badge table:

  • Bug Finder Level 1 Badge - (Ч⋮)100: Issued for spelling errors
  • Bug Finder Level 2 Badge - (Ч⋮)200: Issued for grammatical errors
  • Bug Finder Level 3 Badge - (Ч⋮)300: Issued for unresponsive buttons
  • Bug Finder Level 4 Badge - (Ч⋮)400: Issued for failed page loads
  • Bug Finder Level 5 Badge - (Ч⋮)500: Issued for fatal errors



  • Responses must include photos or videos showing the error
  • Responses must include the type of bug being reported such as spelling, grammar, fatal etc
  • Responses must only include the items in the table above. Styling issues will be ignored
  • Spelling errors must not be from user generated content


  1. Join this challenge
  2. Upload pictures or videos showing the steps to reproduce the error in the comment section
  3. Write a quick description of the error in the comment section
  4. Submit your response

Thank you for your support.

#bugfinder #improvement

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