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Blaqsbi Introductions & Support

This huddle is for new members to introduce themselves, help each other and get questions answered on how to navigate your way around the platform


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  Women Do It Afraid Business Style- 2020 Edition

Saturday September 26, 2020 (10:00 AM - 10:00 PM) - EST (America/New York)
Past Event

Event Type: Business

Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia United States
Participants: 9 attending · 4 maybe · 0 declined

A one-day interactive workshop for Women Serious about Their Business!
Listen to the Reviews from our Last workshop session: HERE and HERE

Are you looking to start a side/full venture and want to start it right?
Are you already in business and need tangible resources and an action plan to take it to the next strategic level?
Do you have business questions and you need answers?- Tax, Legal, PR, Branding, Client acquisition/retention and more?
Are you looking to network and connect with successful female entrepreneurs?
Then this workshop is for you.

Women Do It Afraid 'Business Style' is not a place of talk but of action. It is a time of learning where we come with our tools ready to work acquiring tangible skills that will set you up for success as women entrepreneurs as we build businesses that sustain itself.

Workshop Schedule

Panel + Classes// Speakers

Stay Tuned as we roll out more information.
If you are attending, come with your business tools- Laptop, Business cards, etc

Please follow @womendoingitafraid on Instagram for updates and speaker announcements.

Event Admission: $80



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