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This huddle is for members to help each other and get questions answered on how to navigate your way around the platform.


Medgar Parks
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  Community Support: Ideas and recommendations for  {⋮b}50,000

Payout: 50,000 | Type: Community Support

Hello family,

We are looking for ideas and recommendations on how to improve the Blaqsbi platform. We challenge you to submit your feature ideas on how we can better service the community.

You can earn {⋮b}50,000 if we implement your idea.


  1. Your idea must add new features to the site. 
  2. The idea must be original and not available in other Social Media platforms
  3. Payout will only be issued after the idea/recommendation has been implemented
  4. Additional reward recommendations do not qualify
  5. Bugs, user interface and errors fixes do not qualify


  1. Click "Join this challenge..." button.
  2. Post your idea in the comment section of this post.

We look forward to your awesome ideas.

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Luis Sison
2019-04-30 06:33:11
Hello Good day!

I'm thinking, to be able to improve blaqsbi and make this platform to be more powerful and interactive is to add a live video feature where people can join and listen. In this kind of feature, people who go live would earn points.

This will encourage all people in here especially black people to be brave and proud of themselve by showing themselves on live and sharing there inspirational story to the member of huddle or even out of the huddle.

I suggested this kind of feature to make blaqsbi more interactive in this way we can reach or make the website's goal become true.



Samuel Anthers
2019-05-12 18:23:30
I think we need to add a bit more life to this site in terms of colour because a coulourful site means a more attractive site which means more visitors and sorry to say this (and I don't mean it as an insult or any form of disrespect )but this site looks like the old version of Facebook so if we can make it look modern it will make the work flow easier and navigating the site will be much easier .we have to put a lot of work in making the site more user friendly and the task bars shouldn't always be there but must have like a button that you click for it to pop up .the site feels a little crowded with the bar always on the top (for mobile that is)so if we get rid of it the site will feel much more open and things will feel faster



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