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Goodness Michael
2020-07-30 15:11:14 50 Views

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4 Benefits Of Multiple Sources Of Income
I remember going for a test sometimes ago. We had only twenty minutes to answer fifty questions and just as we started out, my pen stopped writing. The test is one that you are not permitted to say a word once the signal to start has been given. Much as I tried to use the pen, it didn’t work. A few seconds later, I remembered I had another pen in my pocket.

I brought it out and continued as if nothing happened. You see, that is the beauty of having more than one thing, especially when it is something very vital. If having more than one pen can be very important at a time like that, of how much importance it is to have more than one source of income.

Here are four importance of having more than one source of income.

1]: It Protects You From The Unforeseen - There are a lot of unforeseen circumstances at can happen as regards jobs and finances and sometimes these circumstances may not be palatable. It may be low business patronage or even pandemic and health related issues that may affect one source of income. But having multiple sources of income can help to cushion any negative effect of the unforeseen.

2]: It Gives You Stability From Pressure - We all know that financial pressure can arise anything as a result of several factors like economic meltdown, inflation, increase in financial demand and so on. When you have more than one source of income, you are better position to handle these pressure instead of bowing to it.

3]: It Helps You Fund Your Lifestyle - What is your dream life? How do you wish to live your life? Comfortable, elegant, fulfilled? Having multiple sources of income will make these lifestyle of your become reality faster than when you have only one source of income. You must understand that the power of the multiplier effect is huge even in financial matters.

4]; It Makes You Happy And Fulfilled - When people cannot fund their desired lifestyle or live their dream, when they are always under undue pressure as a result of insufficient finances, it is most likely that those kind of people will not be happy. Having multiple sources of income may just be the needed solution to remove the pressure and bring back the happiness.