Huddle: Voices of Our Elders And Ancestors
Voices of Our Elders And Ancestors

Voices of Our Elders And Ancestors

This Huddle is for inspirational clips and quotes from our Afrikan elders and ancestors. Afrikans, wake up and remember who you are.



Nothing that ever came from the European mind was meant to do ANYTHING but facilitate European domination of the world. I say there is NO exception! Everything that was brought onto this continent - EVERY-THING - every idea, every so-called religion was meant to dominate and to control. The Arabs had no illusions about it, the The Europeans had no illusions about it. You were the ones who had illusions. And yet every element that went into the making of every major religion in the world started in Afrika. Why is it that you are so naive that you let people redress something that YOU invented, sell it back to you, and enslave you through it?
-- John Henrik Clarke

"I am willing to weep for "6 million" when you weep for my more than 100 million..."
-- John Henrik Clarke
"Until that time you can stick your fake juzz... somewhere
-- Ntwadumela Ayin
2019-06-21 04:45:10



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