Huddle: Voices of Our Elders And Ancestors
Voices of Our Elders And Ancestors

Voices of Our Elders And Ancestors

This Huddle is for inspirational clips and quotes from our Afrikan elders and ancestors. Afrikans, wake up and remember who you are.



'... To further confuse our people, the Black pseudo-intellectual homosexuals who have invaded and control the Afrikan and Afrikan-American history departments at most HBCU’s are supporting the argument that homosexuality is a natural part of Afrikan culture. Dr. Welsing definitively stated the opposite in her Isis Papers – The Keys to the Colors. Let’s examine a few quotes from her book:

Chapter: The Politics Behind Black Male Passivity, Effeminization, Bisexuality, and Homosexuality (August 1974)

Black male passivity, effeminization, bisexuality, and homosexuality are being encountered increasingly by Black psychiatrists work with Black patient populations. These issues are being presented by family members, personnel working in schools and other social institutions or by Black men themselves. Many in the Black population are reaching the conclusion that such issues have become a problem of epidemic proportion amongst Black people in the U.S., although it was an almost nonexistent behavioral phenomenon amongst indigenous Blacks in Africa.

Isis Papers, Welsing, p. 81

All Black people are oppressed. I emphasize here that Black men are oppressed because ultimately, it is male muscle mass that oppress a people, and only male muscle mass has the potential for achieving liberation. If the men of a people are oppressed, the women are brought under oppression – as they are dependent on their men for protection and defense. Women do not have the muscle mass to liberate a people and protect the young. Women develop the young, but their men must provide the protection and the security apparatus.

Isis Papers, Welsing, p. 83 – 84

. . . . Black male bisexuality and homosexuality has been used by the white collective in its effort to survive genetically in a world dominated by colored people, and Black acceptance of this imposition does not solve the major problem of our oppression but only further retards its ultimate solution.

Isis Papers, Welsing, p. 92

This brief, yet powerful collection of a few quotes from Dr. Welsing’s book gives us the key to why the LGBT community hates her work. She makes a solid case, in no uncertain terms, that homosexuality is a tool in the weapons arsenal of white supremacy to destroy Black manhood which is necessary to bring about liberation for Afrikan people. Her work is one of the most well-respected and widely-circulated resources in the Black conscious world community. Her book, along with the The Destruction of Black Civilization by Dr. Chancellor Williams are cornerstones in Black intellectual collective consciousness. If either or both of these books are removed from the collective consciousness of our people, we will likely be destroyed through miscegenation (racial mixing) and/or white-sex (homosexuality and pedophilia).

The organized, intellectual, homosexual vanguard (made up of Black and white professionals) who have invaded the intellectual space in groups like ASCAC, the Howard University Afro-American Studies Department and History Department, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Uhuru Movement, and most other intellectual/community-based “Black” movements understand that in order to get our people to fully accept homosexual perversion as normal, they must destroy the vanguard for Afrikan culture and self-identity. Dr. Welsing is a key figure in the war for Afrikan minds and the homosexuals are out to destroy her legacy so that her wisdom on the homosexual war against our people will not be adequately passed on...'



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