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Blaqsbi Ideas and Recommendations

This huddle for members to provide ideas and make suggestions on anything.


Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks -916,958  
Blaqsbi Virtual Admin
S F P 2018-08-12 10:11:40 (Updated) 56.6K Views

Ideas and recommendations to improve Blaqsbi

Community Support 50,000

Hello family,

We are looking for ideas and recommendations on how to improve the Blaqsbi platform. We challenge you to submit your feature ideas on how we can better service the community.

You can earn {⋮b}50,000 if we implement your idea.


  1. Your idea must add new features to the site. 
  2. The idea must be original and not available in other Social Media platforms
  3. Payout will only be issued after the idea/recommendation has been implemented
  4. Additional reward recommendations do not qualify
  5. Bugs, user interface and errors fixes do not qualify

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Medgar Parks    

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