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Blaqsbi Bug Report

Blaqsbi Bug Report

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   Report a bug for 1,000 Community:

This is a great opportunity to help us improve the Blaqsbi experience for our growing community. All you need to do is report a bug that you find while exploring the platform. This includes any misspellings, errors, or non functioning buttons.

If the bug you find is a legitimate issue you will automatically earn {⋮b}500 plus a Bug Finder Level X badge valued up to {⋮b}500.

Badge table:

  • Bug Finder Level 1 Badge - {⋮b}100: Issued for spelling errors
  • Bug Finder Level 2 Badge - {⋮b}200: Issued for grammatical errors
  • Bug Finder Level 3 Badge - {⋮b}300: Issued for unresponsive buttons
  • Bug Finder Level 4 Badge - {⋮b}400: Issued for failed page loads
  • Bug Finder Level 5 Badge - {⋮b}500: Issued for fatal errors



  • Responses must include photos or videos showing the error
  • Responses must include the type of bug being reported such as spelling, grammar, fatal etc
  • Responses must only include the items in the table above. Styling issues will be ignored
  • Spelling errors must not be from user generated content
  • Bug must be new and not already reported


Additional notes:

  • You can continue to earn Bmunts by creating "Bug report" posts
  • Bmunts are earned via "Bug Finder" badges (see badge table above)
  • "Bug report" posts will automatically be added to this huddle
  • The rules above still apply to "Bug report" posts

Thank you for your support.

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"The proceeds of" NOT the proceeds to
2023-12-08 02:16:59 (Updated 2023-12-08 03:04:48)
Instead of account it was spelt has accouint
2023-11-23 10:19:39 (Updated 2023-11-23 19:59:59)
I noticed grammatical error " The badge is awarded to members who helped better the platform by reporting grammatical errors" instead of " The badge is awarded to members who helped improve the platform by reporting grammatical errors"
2023-11-20 13:12:29 (Updated 2023-11-20 13:17:06)
Noticed a grammatical error: "We've just sent an confirmation email" while it should be "We've just sent a confirmation email".
2022-08-28 06:21:57 (Updated 2022-08-28 08:03:38)
"public, make" instead of "public make".
2022-03-17 12:07:03 (Updated 2022-03-17 18:47:59)

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