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André D. Henderson, Sr.
André D. Henderson, Sr. 138,963  
Sr. Energy Consultant
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  Eastwood Energy Group

Business to Business (Minority Owned)
Eastwood Energy Group


Are you tired of run-of-the mill energy brokers?

Time to work with an Energy Consultant to advise you in a volatile energy market.

We provide energy and money saving solutions on both the Supply and Demand side.

It seems there's always someone looking to get you a better deal, but you're smarter than that.

As our clients know, Energy procurement isn't just about price, because any legitimate broker will have competitive pricing.

We bring value by addressing both Energy Cost & Demand Charges!

Energy procurement is about having the right product for your business built around your current needs, future plans and relevant risk tolerance.

Let me make it easy for you... If you live in a state with deregulated electricity, we can show you ways to save on your Rate, Energy Consumption and Demand Charges.

Find out if you’re business is in a state with deregulated electricity and contact us... https://www.electricchoice.com/map-deregulated-energy-markets/

Let us educate you on the energy market and help prepare you to make better energy procurement decisions now and in the future! #Energy #CommercialElectricity #Electricity #Consultant #EnergyBroker #Power


Commercial Energy Services
We provide various TERM’S from 6 months to as much as 72 months (60 months and longer are typically for School Districts & Municipalities). We also have several products to meet your business needs including: ~Fixed All Inclusive ~Fixed Excluding Congestion (partly variable) ~Index Product (variable) ~Easy Flex (fixed & variable) ~Time Of Day (TOD) and Time Of Usage (TOU) We profile your business and let multiple providers compete for your business to ensure your getting the best market rate for your business! And for those we can’t directly do business with, you can help us and simultaneously earn referral fees by connecting us with businesses we can help! If we close business from a direct referral from you... We will pay 10% of my commissions on that deal!
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André D. Henderson, Sr.  



André D. Henderson, Sr.    

Sr. Energy Consultant | 138,963 | Local time: 03:34 am


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