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afrikans in amerika u r an imported nigga that they will execute and murder the same way. i hope you lear from this and spread this around africa. nobody in the world wants us especially the white man . we have built his lands and let them take from ours , ad ow we are disposable . i ask every young and concerned black african world wide to build africa and force the govts of africa to change and educate and save our people even if you have to revolt and make it bloody which i hope not. but we cannot continue on this path of turning the other cheek to these and any others that hate us. it time africans build africa for africa. stop letting the best and brightest run away to these savages. LOOK AT THIS AND DECIDE. WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING FROM AND WHAT ARE YOU RUNNING INTO #blackfightingback #huddleamerikka
lazareth moore

lazareth moore    

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