Huddle: An Ubuntu Town: Blaqsbi Citi
An Ubuntu Town: Blaqsbi Citi

An Ubuntu Town: Blaqsbi Citi

The purpose of Blaqsbi City HUDDLE is to build a community of investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen & women, engineers, architects, doctors & nurses, farmers, construction workers, manufacturers,...


Dimitry Saint-Pierre
Dimitry Saint-Pierre   2,388,163
Blaqsbi Founder


   Seeking: Marketing Manager

Jobs : Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Jobs
Marketing Manager


The mission of Blaqsbi Citi is to build a community which provides enhanced quality of life for its residents by serving critical needs and making sure that hard earned dollars are primarily spent within its neighborhoods.

We are looking for a marketing manager willing to work on a pro bono contract to actively support our team and to be responsible for establishing and implementing strategic and tactical communication plans designed to increase visibility to the project.

This role includes:
Providing direction and support with digital presence, social media, global targeted marketing
Developing and execute all aspects of marketing campaigns, including, strategy, messaging, advertising, media strategy and digital promotion

If interested please visit http://blaqsbiciti.com/ for more information.
Willing to pay: Free


Dimitry Saint-Pierre


Charlotte, North Carolina United States

André D. Henderson, Sr.
André D. Henderson, Sr.   403,797
Sr. Energy Consultant

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The last 2 days were horrible, couldn’t keep anything down, very weak; but I guess my body purged everything that it needed to purge and I feel better!

Sorry for missing our Saturday Call.
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Dimitry Saint-Pierre

Dimitry Saint-Pierre    

Blaqsbi Founder | 2,388,163 | Local time: 01:56 am


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Blaqsbi for mental liberation

Mainstream social media has been weaponized against black people. Yes, they allow us to create groups and pages dedicated to black people on their platforms. Because they are all controlled by people who are working hard to keep white supremacy alive, the minute we post something positive about black empowerment or expose rampant racism we end up in social media jail.

We must have a place where we control our narrative. Welcome to Blaqsbi. Our mission is to be the ultimate black social media platform where we can speak freely, share ideas, gain economic freedom, organize and unite without fear of white supremacist censorship and surveillance.

We are strong proponents of Group Economics which is when a group of people with common values agree to actively seek and engage in economic interests to create a sustainable, profitable and secure economy for their community. In the spirit of Group Economics, we give back to our community via a profit sharing digital currency called the Bmunt.

We are 718,856 members strong and growing. Join the mental liberation.