Huddle: An Ubuntu Town: Blaqsbi Citi

An Ubuntu Town: Blaqsbi Citi

The purpose of Blaqsbi City HUDDLE is to build a community of investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen & women, engineers, architects, doctors & nurses, farmers, construction workers, manufacturers, organizers that want to do more than advocate for equality....


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  An Ubuntu Town: Blaqsbi Citi Weekly (Friday Conference)

Friday July 10, 2020 (11:00 AM - 1:00 PM) - EDT (America/New York)
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Event Type: Community
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Our Objective: The mission of Blaqsbi Citi is to build a community which provides enhanced quality of life for its residence by serving critical needs and making sure that hard earned dollars are primarily spent within its neighborhoods.

Purpose of the Project: Black spending power remains strong even as the racial wealth gap continues to widen. Most of this spending occurs outside of our community, our political voices remain weak. Strengthening our community through teamwork and encouraging people to learn, share ideas and knowledge is how we build a better society. We need a new beacon to show the world our values, power, compassion, and dedication to one another.

Blaqsbi Citi (an Ubuntu Town) is our new beacon.

What is Needed: We are seeking all parties interested developing a self sustainable community; we specifically needing investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen & women, engineers, architects, healthcare workers, farmers, construction workers, manufacturers, mason’s, civic organizers and advocates for equality.

Our End Objective: We believe in a clear vision of a community thriving by implementing the Ubuntu Philosophy. To create a quality environment with a healthy neighborhood economy, an active voluntary associations, a revised system of education and a community that serves all. Diversity, coalition building, social & economic justice are keys to success!

We are hosting a Brainstorming conference calls scheduled every Friday at 11 am EST (10 am CST) (8am PST)... 

The conference will take place in the An Ubuntu Town: Blaqsbi Citi HUDDLE.

You can join here: Join the brainstorming session

The concept is outlined here...  https://www.blaqsbi.com/2bUR-Post-How-to-build-a-city-from-scratch-the-handy-stepbystep-DIY-guide

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Jon Daniels
Jon Daniels 1,928  
I've been to Mt. Pleasant several times and its rich in gas and oil, and coal. The land is fertile as well
2020-07-03 14:13:56
Etea Ibe
Etea Ibe 1,330  
l love this
2020-07-10 10:42:27