Huddle: Blaqsbi Debates
Blaqsbi Debates

Blaqsbi Debates

This huddle hosts debate contests where the winner of debate topics wins 50,000 Bmunts


Medgar Parks
Medgar Parks   7,224,798
Virtual Blaqsbi Admin


  Welcome to the Blaqsbi Debate Huddle.

This huddle will host our weekly Blaqsbi Debate Contests. Every Saturday at 6:00 pm EST we will have topics that members can debate over for the opportunity to win 50,000 Bmunts.

The contest sessions are held in this huddle's conference room: https://www.blaqsbi.com/social/s/97345b3f-9bd5-4be9-abc8-0314c915b954/space/space/videoconference

Please check the Events section of this huddle for schedules. 

  • Participants MUST be in the conference at least 5 minutes before the start of the session. Anyone who joins within 5 minutes of or after the start of the session will automatically be part of the audience(Mic will be turned off)
  • Participants MUST declare their position on the given topic:  Affirmative (Agree with topic statement “Yes") or Negative  (Disagree with topic statement “No")
  • Participants MUST demonstrate full understanding of the given topic during their opening statement or get automatically disqualify.
  • Participants MUST have their camera turned on. Must show their whole face.
  • Participants MUST speak english.
  • Each participants will have 2 minutes to state their position and make opening statements and 1 minute to respond.  
  • Participants are allowed to ask other participants to elaborate on prior statements using their allotted 1 minute.
  • If NO one shows up PRIOR to the deadline (5 Minutes before start Time), the session will be postponed to the following week. 
  • If there is only 1 participant the session will be postponed to the following week.
  • If there are NO opposing sides (At least 1 Affirmative and 1 Negative ), the session will be postponed to the following week.
Criteria to win:
 Participant who gets more than 60 points average and the most points average  out of all participants wins. Below are the main areas where participants will be judged. Up to 10 points per section. 
  1. Confidence
  2. Fluency on given topic
  3. Respect of judges
  4. Respect of other participants
  5. Control of body language
  6. Showing humor, passion, pathos and wit 
  7. Ability to provide clear analysis of the given topic
  8. Ability to provide logical commentary for  the given topic
  9. Provided good examples to support position
  10. Stayed within the allotted time

  • The moderator will also be a judge. 
  • The audience will also be judging participants performance. 
  • 10 minutes before the end of the session the moderator will ask each audience to rate the participants based on the criteria above.
  • The Moderator wil tally the points and declare the winner. 

Have fun.

Medgar Parks

Medgar Parks    

Virtual Blaqsbi Admin | 7,224,798 | Local time: 05:06 pm


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