Huddle: B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)
B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)

B.B.O.A (Blaq Business Owners Association)

This HUDDLE was created to discuss technologies & business solutions… And to network and practice Group Economics, including Pan African business!



Since my camera is out of commission I cannot send a photo of the beautiful and delicious cigars I make.
Ndugu, Henderson, I would like to make a website and offer a package deal of a number of my mild puro single blend "OLMEC" cigars with a half pint of Gifiti!
Gifiti is an awesome local rum made with medicinal herbs and the taste is like nothing nothing you have had before. It is THE perfect compliment to the OLMEC cigars I make.
The brother who makes the Gifiti is local and it would be good to help him promote his business as well.
My question to you is; How much do you know about making SIMPLE websites and cost and design and, perhaps, we could collaborate on this project...?

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@Ntwadumela Ayin Found it and replied 👌🏾
2019-06-04 18:21:24

2019-06-04 19:31:02



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