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This huddle is for members who need to promote their wares when they do not have official businesses or services.


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  Act of Kindness Challenge [ Payout: 100, Type: I Dare You ]

It seems that we live in a world where everyone is only looking out for themselves. Let’s try something different. Let’s show the world that we can still perform acts of kindness.

Take this challenge. Post a video of yourself performing an act of kindness. It can be any act that benefits others such as:

  • Serving at a homeless shelter
  • Giving a hand to a stranger in need
  • Helping an old person cross the street
  • Hand flowers out to strangers on the street
  • Let someone go in front of you in line
  • Hold open the doors for strangers
  • Hold the elevator for strangers
  • ...

These are just examples. You can perform any act of kindness that makes strangers happy.


  • In the beginning or end of the video, you must face the camera and say “I am doing the Blaqsbi Act of Kindness Challenge”
  • Your face must be visible in the video
  • Video must be one shot. NOT edited.
  • Your profile picture must be set
  • The face on your profile picture must match the face on the video

Have fun

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