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Blaqsbi Money Makers

Blaqsbi Money Makers

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Hello Blaqsbians,

Are you talented at creating videos? Take this challenge for the chance to earn {⋮b}200,000 for creating a fun introduction video for Blaqsbi.

We are working on refreshing our intro video and are looking to Blaqsbi's talent pool to create an eye catching intro video for our home page.

Here is how it works. Create a videos that tells new visitors about Blaqsbi and post the video in the comment section.

if your video is chosen you will win the challenge and earn {⋮b}200,000.


  • Videos must have background music
    • Music must have a Creative Commons license (and the music download link must be provided)
    • http://freemusicarchive.org is a good source for free music
  • Videos must contain screen capture examples of Blaqsbi
  • Videos must be in English
  • Videos must be at least 2(two) minutes long
  • Videos must not have any spelling errors
  • The response post must include a download link to the background music used in the video


  • Create the video
  • Click on "Join this challenge..." button
  • Upload the video
  • Click the "Respond" button

Have fun.

Deadline: Dec 31 2023 (24 days left)
Open slots: 25 Completed: 0%

Medgar Parks

Medgar Parks @medgarparks   

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