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This huddle is for encouraging our collective economy.


lazareth moore
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funny how suddenly interested all these white countries are in africa, after centuries of exploiting killing and raping , now that the chinese are actually doing what these white devils didn't do in 4 centuries , and the chinese have done in a decade, NOW these white devils are concerned. ? tell these white devils to fuck themselves. Be very wary of white mfs, they mean you no good. Now it goes on to say how swiftly the europeans and the white west wants to strengthen ties with africa. But the only thing these white devils offer is guns bullets and armaments, and thats not what the nations of africa need or even want . But the whites figure that black people are stupid and don't realize that this is and always has been their strategy. supply weapons to everyone and then the white man makes you become enemies of each other with their demonic lies. and while you are killing each other , they exploit the natural resources.
Lalibela (Ethiopia) (AFP) - President Emmanuel Macron visited Djibouti and Ethiopia on Tuesday, promising "respectful" partnerships in the face of growing regional indebtedness to China, which is fast expanding its foothold in the continent.

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