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André D. Henderson, Sr.
André D. Henderson, Sr. 136,680  
Sr. Energy Consultant
2019-05-20 16:39:05 (Updated) 5K Views

  Solving Problems you didn’t know existed, all while providing Energy Saving Solutions that will save your business MONEY ?

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Solving Problems you didn’t know existed, all while providing Energy Saving Solutions that will save your business MONEY ?

Taking ideas from conception to production for both broad level and system level designs, I’ve developed unique skills that give me exceptional Problem Solving Skills.

Our objective is to help you save Energy and Money by helping you strategically procuring your commercial electricity and provide solutions on both the Supply Side and the Demand Side (see image for a definition of Supply Side vs Demand Side).

We profile your business, determine the monthly kilowatt usage of the business, calculate your load factor as well as the peak voltages to find what products and solutions are best for your business.

We provide several types of solutions including Easy Flex, Fixed Product, Fixed X-Congestion or Index Product and we will help you decide what is best for your business. We also have Time Of Use (TOU) and Time Of Day (TOD) Products.

Along with the above information and several other factors used allows us to determine the best provider & product that will not just save your business money.

Other solutions we provide include energy saving lighting, solar systems, energy management tools and many others (see image from SunCrew).

We then suggest and implement ways to make your equipment operate more efficiently!

We help you strategically procure commercial electric using market data and understanding seasonal trends that exist. 

Natural gas, which is a commodity, affects the price of electricity along with the heat index.

Savings on your cents per kilowatt hour is what most in the industry focus on, but our objective is to bring the most value to your business by supplying energy and money saving solutions on both the SUPPLY side (commercial energy) and on the DEMAND side (reduced EMI/RFI, energy saving lights, wind turbines, tankless water heater’s etc... ).

As stated above, we assist in strategically procuring your energy!

Provide us a copy of your commercial electric bill, allow us to pull your historical usage and let us present you with solutions that can save you THOUSANDS annually!


BSEET Degree, 20 plus years in Corporate America starting in Engineering and evolving into a Field Application Engineer. As an FAE I was able to continue with learning about new technological advancements while developing both customer relation and sales skills. The above uniquely qualifies me to be a successful Energy Consultant. See my LinkedIn profile for more details on my professional experience... https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrehenderson (copy li


André D. Henderson, Sr.



André D. Henderson, Sr.    

Sr. Energy Consultant | 136,695 | Local time: 02:31 pm


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