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This huddle is for encouraging our collective economy.


Sharifa Tatu Amadi
Sharifa Tatu Amadi 3,322  
Educator, Entrepreneur & Activist
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  Elite African Education

Education (Minority Owned)
Elite African Education


Providing an Afrocentric education to black children and their families; with courses online and in the communities. EAE provides an extra supplement to your child’s education or the foundation for homeschooling families. With up to date educational discoveries and proven wellness evidence in learning, you and your child will gain the satisfaction of a sound education through the continuous learning of black history and accomplishments.


Online and Community Classes
Provide online classes in elementary and high school subjects- Classes in Africana history- Youth Wellness Classes and video chats- Community Book ? Club for the entire family-
Cost: $0-500

Community Book Club
Book Club with a focus on African History and issues.
Cost: FREE




Sharifa Tatu Amadi  

Educator, Entrepreneur & Activist | 3,322 | Local time: 08:29 am


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