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Blaqsbi Economy

This huddle is for encouraging our collective economy.


Mimi Wright

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  M. Wright Group, LLC

Business to Business (Minority Owned)
M. Wright Group, LLC


We present you with more than 20 years experience and the resources to provide a wide variety or services. , we put our strengths together and now, we share our passion by helping others.
Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify your overall goals and objectives. We will work with you to develop a project plan with timelines and milestones, a budget, and a schedule.

We are a professional, organized, efficient, and resourceful team able to access resources and manage different tasks in order help you reach your goal.


Self Publishing Assistance
We work closely with our authors to develop a solid, realistic and practical book launch timeline and budget. Our publishing packages are customized to fit the needs of our authors. The packages were designed specifically to assist our clients to write, publish and market their book, either in electronic or paperback format. How We Can Help Develop book launch timeline and budget Identify tasks that can be completed in-house and those that should be completed by industry professionals (editor, cover designer, layout artist, marketing consultant etc.) Assistance with researching, interviewing and selection of your 'publishing team' Manage publishing and event calendar Set up and/or strengthen your online presence Management of your social media platforms and e-mail marketing campaign Identifying subject appropriate blog and article posting platforms Creating advertisement content, press releases and audience engaging posts Whatever you need help with that is not listed here! Basic Publishing Packages Include: US Copyright Registration ISBN Assignment/Barcode Online Worldwide Distribution Professional quality editing and formatting Professional quality cover design for Kindle/print Complete E-Book/Paperback publishing 1 Proof Review Book Trailer Book Launch Press Release - Web Optimized Amazon Author Page 2 Complimentary Author Copies Author Volume Discounts $1,000, up to 40K words $1,200, up to 60K words $1.500, up to 80K words $1,800, up to 100K words
Cost: $1,000+

Event Planning/Coordinating
You may ask why we don't have pictures of elaborately decorated event venues, brides and floral bouquets. It's not t that we don't have the resources, we can connect you with a variety of certified event planners if that is what you need. We are experts in coordinating all of those 'behind the scenes' and last minute details to make sure they are executed in a timely, stress free manner for our clients. Responsibilities of an Event Planner An event planner works directly with the client to determine the customer's vision, needs, and budget. For example, if it's a wedding, the event planner may discuss the couple's intended tone, the level of formality, and the size of the guest list. From there, the event planner designs an event to wow the client. He or she will choose a venue, type of entertainment and work with the client to determine a menu. They focus on the big-picture items that make an event memorable. Responsibilities of an Event Coordinator An event coordinator does not get involved with the design of the event, itself. Instead, they are in charge of managing the individual components to ensure the event goes smoothly. Once the planner has determined the vision for the event, the coordinator assists the planner in making that a reality. They may look at vendors, organize delivery dates, and handle logistical tasks.
Cost: $200+

Web Design
We understand that today's technology affords even the least tech-savvy person the ability to create their own online presence. The question is do you have the time and patience needed to do so? There is not a lot to explain with this service we offer. The best thing we can do is tell you how much it will cost and show you some of our work. Basic Web Design Packages Include: Site installation & set-up A custom-designed website on GoDaddy.com Email list sign up integration Social media page connection Search Engine Optimization Mobile friendly 8 hours of site maintenance training and support after publishing Ongoing maintenance available for additional fee of $35 per hour which can be purchased in blocks of 4 hours
Cost: $1,000+

24/7 Worldwide Radio Show Broadcasting
24/7 internet broadcasting of music, news, sports, talk radio, comedy/TV and more, Providing a platform for personalities and entertainers to showcase their talents through the power and reach of a radio broadcasting environment.
Cost: $150+

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