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Blaqsbi Economy

This huddle is for encouraging our collective economy.


Leigh M. McGinest

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Beauty & Spas (Minority Owned)


Swyrv is an organic and vegan-friendly unisex skincare brand comprised of botanical plants, spices, oils and superfoods worldwide. My products are a quality cruelty-free and eco-friendly brand that seeks to nourish, balance, and moisturize the skin the way nature intended.


Leigh M. McGinest
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Leigh M. McGinest  

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Blaqsbi is a media platform company located in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA and designed specifically for black people worlwide to share, believe, inspire.

Our mission is to be the ultimate media platform where we can speak freely and share ideas without fear of white supremacist censorship and surveillance. Let’s huddle together to share our knowledge, to believe in our greatness and to inspire our unity.

We are strong proponents of Group Economics which is when a group of people with common values agree to actively seek and engage in economic interests to create a sustainable, profitable and secure economy for their community. In the spirit of Group Economics, we give back to our community via a profit sharing currency called the Bmunt.

Earn points (Bmunts) for sharing content that makes people think, content that educates, or content that opens the mind to new possibilities. You can use your Bmunts to get cash cards (PayPal), Bitcoins or free merchandise such as tablets, game consoles and apparels.

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