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Blaqsbi Economy

This huddle is for encouraging our collective economy.


André D. Henderson, Sr.
André D. Henderson, Sr. 135,943  
Sr. Energy Consultant
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We had our 1st Conference Call to Reverse Gentrification by creating a Town/City ✊🏾

This will be a weekly call on Friday’s @ 11am EST (10am CST)

Information about the call... https://www.blaqsbi.com/2d3c-Event-Reverse-Gentrification-Nation-Building-Must-Start-Somewhere-Weekly-Conference

Discussed on this call were potential locations to start our project and the resources required to complete our objective.

Attendees of next weeks call are asked to submit suggested locations to start our project!

The end objective will be to create a self-sufficient town/city... We will start by buying a block and revitalizing both the businesses and residences on that block. Then eventually more blocks until we own the city!

I look forward to speaking to interested parties on next weeks call!
For those interested in the concept of building a city, please join us on a video conference to discuss building a self sustainable black community.On this

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André D. Henderson, Sr.    

Sr. Energy Consultant | 135,943 | Local time: 10:45 am


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