Huddle: Blaqsbi Economy
Blaqsbi Economy

Blaqsbi Economy

This huddle is for encouraging our collective economy.



BLAQSBI is REALITY. (Transaction OGG9S968XP completed. You have added KES 521 to your M-PESA on 2020-07-16 at 07:16:02, from your PayPal account almbati5@gmail.com.)
Congratulations ombati.keep the fire burning
2020-07-17 15:06:27

@Lenah Mukiri ineed your support
2020-12-09 10:52:35

@ALFRED MBATI am available
2020-12-09 13:43:54

monsieur Alfred Bonjour
2020-07-21 10:03:03

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Pastor,Wireman, | 3,444 | Local time: 09:15 am


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Podcast/radio Shows

"The Professional You Should Know"

Conversing with professionals from different industries, discussing their journey on how they became 'The Professionals You Should Know'.

In today's episode, we will be talking with Annette Rugyendo, who will give us an insight into her day to day activities and responsibilities, as well as how she got to be where she is today.
You cannot outrun a poor diet - Annette Rugyendo

R3 Physiotherapy: EP11 | The Professional You Should Know with Annette Rugyendo - Specialist Dietitian
Book Suggestions

"The Way to Walk"

The Way to Walk’ provides you with simple, quick, yet effective solutions to maintain your strength and mobility. This is an interactive guide built on a combination of scientific research and tried and tested techniques. Following the instructions and exercises within this guide, prevents the likelihood of injuries which in turn decreases the chances of developing painful degenerative conditions. You will be able to keep your body strong and healthy therefore reducing the need for surgery.

Once you complete your purchase, your receipt will contain a unique passwords to access all the interactive material which has been placed in a private location.
In order to get the best viewing experience, we would recommend downloading Adobe Acrobat PDF reader: https://get2.adobe.com/uk/reader/
Funding Requests
They are so many children suffering due to effect of covid 19 pandemic ,most parents are now jobless all schools are closed many girl children are getting pregnant an early age, no food, We need to find away to redeem their heart and restore they hopes

Kigenyi Kassim is requesting 120,000 in donation.
13,453 funded by members:
Integral Dohgon
Funded 500
2021-09-02 22:13:19

Ezekiel Mensah
Funded 50
2021-11-01 12:01:52

Abdulganiu Anate Salami
Funded 100
2021-11-10 15:18:54

Richard Onyebuwa
Funded 1
2021-12-21 11:45:39
Stay encouraged.

ravi Mallepogu
Funded 100
2022-01-25 01:31:51

Ann Omale
Funded 100
2022-02-11 08:28:58

Felix Linakha
Funded 50
2022-04-30 08:30:38

Iyesha Bailey
Funded 199
2022-05-15 10:09:01

11% collected: 13,453
Goal: 120,000
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   How's your Zulu History? Let's Talk Shaka Zulu for 100 - Trivia Show More

In the series "Shaka Zulu", who portrayed Pampata, the woman who bore Shaka's son?
Open slots: 999,998 Completed: 0%


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