Huddle: I Love Black Women
I Love Black Women

I Love Black Women

Celebrating the beauty of our black sisters.




This is what unity looks like. Even though they aren't her constituents , they are sticking behind her and sticking up for her. And what does her own supposed democratic party do ? not a damned thing but slink in the corner and berate her and tell her to apologize for telling the truth.More and more the do nothing dems are showing the heartless spineless bastards they are. We black , brown and muslim people need younger people to run against the incumbents to get a party that is actually for the people.Now you have a whole community nation and worldwide uplifting this young woman, not so much as because of her color, but she is one of their own. But here in amerika , you have negros who are all from the same cloth , but some call themselves christian, muslim, hebrew israelite, crips, bloods, vicelord, , or whatever other silly ass affiliation they wish to go by, who can't seem to even agree on taking a shit in the same bathroom. I wonder how many of all those negro organizations boycotted anything for her or spoke out in her defense against pelosi when she keeps telling her and ocasio to not talk because other white mfs will get mad. Where is the CBC Constantly. B. Cooning or a lot of those other folks that want to claim everybody who looks like us as one of us when the shit is easy, and then desert them or stay hid when its time to open their mouths ? WHERE ??? I applaud the bodega muslims in new york
lazareth moore

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