Huddle: Freedom By Any Means Necessary
Freedom By Any Means Necessary

Freedom By Any Means Necessary

Warriors corner. Post inspirational videos and articles having to do with Africans kicking butt at all...ey have forgotten. This is no place for passive slave. Get angry because angry gets shit done.



"I cannot understand why black people who have been subjected to the ugliness, that they have been subjected to in this country, can get up every morning, go to work among us and not be absolutely furious!
And I don't understand why we allow white people to behave the way they do... I don't understand that."

-- Jane Elliott

Milwaukee PBS: Black Nouveau | Exclusive | Jane Elliott Interview, Part 3
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@Ntwadumela Ayin just like the new tv series pose. nothing but a bunch of fucked up in the head coon ass men who don't know they are men and have fell for this bullshit , i'm gay, or trans. But you'll notice. It's always the mfkn fool ass niggas that be on these shows . I wonder why
2019-06-14 13:52:25

@lazareth moore Some of us hold on tighter than others. .
2019-06-14 22:04:46



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