Huddle: Fatherhood Engagement Service
Fatherhood Engagement Service

Fatherhood Engagement Service

Is it time for you to add more value to your life? I am ready to connect with you. There is no price on...ersonable, and accepting? You Choose when that happens I can only support you when you are ready.



Hi everyone - Where is God directing, pointing, and offering me the opportunity of a lifetime?

A) Continue Building a Fatherhood Business that Glorifies his purpose for my life?


Be an Employee with the same questions I asked in “A.”?

It appears to my thinking that I am looking for a Life’s work role in the Fatherhood space.

However, I long for support as I look to build a for-profit Fatherhood business with Blacqsbi as my Black Social media platform I call my own. If you choose to support my Blacqsbi efforts then Join my Fatherhood Huddle here on Blacqsbi.


I would appreciate your support and encouragement in becoming employed full-time with a company that shares the same vision.

Thank you in advance for any connections, advice, or opportunities you can offer. #fatherhood, #OpenToWork, #lifecoaching #thankyou, #entrepreneurmindsets #blackfatherhood #academyofblackfathers
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