Blaqsbi Rewards Store

Blaqsbi Rewards Store

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Social Media Networking that Pays You

Here is how it works: Do the same exact thing you do on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and earn.

We spend so much time on social media posting content to get likes, start discussions, and to accumulate friends. But think about it. What has spending all this time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter done for your pocket? Nothing! The mainstream media platforms have and continue to make billions off the hard work you have put into creating content for them. Why are they not sharing their profit with you. They should! We, at Blaqsbi, believe you should get paid for the content you create.

Imagine you have just 1,000 Instagram followers and about 500 posts adding about 30 posts a week. Do you have any idea how much earning that is on Blaqsbi. Let us break it down for you. The 1,000 members can earn you up to $12,500. Those 500 posts can earn you up to $2,500. That is $15,000 from the people already following you now and posts you already created.

Earn "Bmunt" (points) by simply sharing pictures, videos, opinions and reviews. Use your earned Bmunts to get cash cards (PayPal), mobile money (WorldRemit), gift cards and merchandise. Instead of wasting your time posting on other mainstream networks and getting nothing for your work, join us to make some cash and have fun!

1,000 = $1!

No registration fee!

Join now How to earn 

Below are a few ways to earn on Blaqsbi:

  • You get 1,000 simply for joining our family
  • Earn up to 100,000 when you complete a challenge
  • Earn 100 for each new member you invite to a huddle
  • Earn 1,000 for each member who becomes Blaqard certified
  • Earn 10% of the total earned by all the members you invite *
  • Earn up to 100 for each badge that other members award you
  • Earn 25 for each post that gets promoted
  • Earn 10 for every member who joins a Huddle that you created
  • Earn 5 for every member who follows you
  • Earn up to 5 when other members score your post or your comment
  • Earn 3 when other members comment on your post
  • Earn 3 when other members repost your post
  • Earn 1 when other members like your post
  • Earn 1 each time your social media shared post is viewed

We are constantly working on new ways you can earn . Please stay tuned!! 

What do I post?

  • Your photos or videos showing your world Ɨ
  • Your music sounding off your talent Ɨ
  • Post that celebrates black lives and stories
  • Post that inspires, makes people think, educates, brings smiles or opens the mind to new possibilities
  • Posts about current events around the world or your favorite topics
  • Your opinion, op-ed or news articles Ɨ
  • Links to news articles or blogs
  • Links to video news clipping
  • Polls that spark positive dialogue
  • Challenges that petition people to join a good cause. For example, challenges that ask members to boycott certain establishment for racism 

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2020-07-15 11:52:48
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2020-05-28 00:00:49
Total: 11,400
2020-05-24 23:42:41
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50/50 SOYA CUSTARD (Food, Beverages)

This is Product made 100 % Soya Bean. Suitable for Babies above a year Old, and adult. No Sugar, make it GOOD for diabetic patient. Rich in essential minerals for healthy and steady Growth.

Country availability: Nigeria

Sponsored By:

SPLINA LIQUID (Health & Beauty)
Vidonda vya Tumbo

Vidonda vya tumbo ni matokeo ya kuharibika kwa uteute wa ndani ya ukuta wa tumbo la Chakula au ndani ya utumbo mdogo wa Chakula, na matokeo yake ni ukuta wa tumbo kugusana na tindikali iliyoko tumboni ambayo ni kali sana kama maji ya betri. -...

Country availability: Tanzania

Sponsored By:

Dji spark (Cameras & Optics)

This drone can fly more than a mile with the controller, control it with your hands through gestures, 1080p camera, 2 axis gimbal stabilization and many more features

Country availability: Nigeria

Sponsored By:

Ball By Yourself® STRAP (Sporting Goods)

World's 1st. Basketball and Fitness training STRAP that fits around any 27.5, 28.5 or 29.5 Basketball that allows users to train 100% of the time without ever chasing after loose balls, to build muscle memory through repetition. Once done, simply...

Country availability: United States

Sponsored By:

Rings (Business & Industrial)

Pure diamond

Country availability: Ghana

Sponsored By:

FootWhere® Souvenirs (Home & Garden)

A unique brand of authentic destination souvenirs consisting of key chains, fridge magnets, postcards and more. Each embodiment contains the genuine soil of the featured location to acknowledge where you've actually set foot. Merchandise in stock...

Country availability: United States

Sponsored By:
FootWhere-USA Group Inc.
FootWhere-USA Group Inc.
Exclusive manufacturer/wholesaler of authentic location souvenirs that acknowledges where you've actually set foot in the US or world. Each embodiment contains the genuine soil of the featured location.

Blatopia (Books)

A futuristic journey for Black People in America.

Country availability: United States

Sponsored By:
Blatopia is a Black Utopia, and a doable vision for Black People in America. With 1.7 trillion Black spending power Blatopia does not have to be a dream, but a reality and reconstruction of every Black impoverished neighborhood and community in...

Modern slavery: the story of my American dream (Books)

This book highlights social problems such as poor work conditions associated with poor income. People work hard but live on welfare. So wrong! While CEOs in those companies earn multimillion dollars income. By comparing the cost of health care in...

Country availability: United States

Sponsored By:
The book highlights social problems such as poor work conditions associated with poor income. People work hard but live on welfare so wrong! By comparing the cost of health care in USA to that of Europe where I once lived, I have shown that the...

Paraphernalia (Discount)

We have just the gift for that special smoker in your life. There are NO 400% markups here #WeDontPlayThat ??.

Country availability: United States

Sponsored By:
Paraphernalia Palace
Paraphernalia Palace
Cyber Smoke Shop (Tools for MEdical Marijuana) are sold. I dont NOT mark up items 400%, We don't play that here. During the Obama Era I filled out that petition to put forth #NewLaws and I was calling for a #MultipleFelonyRemovalProgram. So, I guess...

$50 WorldRemit Mobile Money Transfer (Cash)

Mobile Money is an electronic wallet service available in over 80 countries. It works on smartphones and basic feature phones offering a good alternative to bank accounts. How? By enabling users to store, send and receive money using their mobile...

Country availability: Worldwide

Sponsored By:
Blaqsbi is a 100% black-owned and operated profit sharing media platform dedicated to black excellence worldwide. It was founded in 2018 with a strong belief that true freedom can only come from unity. When we are united, we have an abundance of...