Blaqsbi Rewards Store: Paraphernalia

Blaqsbi Rewards Store: Paraphernalia

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We have just the gift for that special smoker in your life. There are NO 400% markups here #WeDontPlayThat ??.

Price: 25,000

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Purchase Minimum: 1

Country availability: United States

Delivery instruction: USPS, UPS, Fed Ex

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Available shipping methods: Postal Service Delivery 6,750

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Paraphernalia Palace
Paraphernalia Palace
Cyber Smoke Shop (Tools for MEdical Marijuana) are sold. I dont NOT mark up items 400%, We don't play that here. During the Obama Era I filled out that petition to put forth #NewLaws and I was calling for a #MultipleFelonyRemovalProgram. So, I guess...