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  What is Vodoo?


Voodoo (vodun, vodou, or vudu) is a form of spirituality that is currently practiced in many areas of the world including Benin (West Africa), Haiti, and Louisiana. There are also other forms of voodoo within the African diaspora that are called by different names such as Ifa, Santeria, Lucumi, 21 Divisions, Obeah, etc. Also, there are many ways to spell voodoo in addition to the ones that I have already mentioned.

While there are many similarities in these practices, they are not the exact same. Fundamentally they all serve the same purpose, which is appealing to and appeasing benevolent spirits and primordial energies. True voodoo service entails communicating with universal and regional energies that have a great influence over our lives. 

Authentic voodoo is about solving problems and helping people to improve their overall condition. It is not about destroying people or manipulating their will, as many people suspect. While people certainly use magic to engage in such practices, this is not authentic voodoo. True voodoo does not incorporate malevolent or malicious practices designed to harm or otherwise control others.

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Asanee Brogan

Asanee Brogan  

Life Coach | 6,520 | Local time: 04:22 am


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