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  Please... Join my HUDDLES! (Let’s help each other earn Bmunts)

Why Blaqsbi?!

My reason for being on this platform is to connect with Brown and Black people all over the globe 🌍 and for socializing as well as making business connections and developing new business. 

The site allows us to promote our businesses, sell our products and services, meet new people, discuss solutions to problems as well as learn new things and connect with others focused on Nation Building (Black Liberation). 

Blaqsbi is the only site that pays you for the content you create; learn more about the currency used here are and how to earn more Bmunts.

Group Economics is key to Black Liberation; that means we must become self sufficient and self sustainable as a people. We must control our own land and the resources on the land and in the land, we must create businesses and do business with each other, we must own Schools, Banks, Hospitals, Grocery Stores etc... 

We must create communities where the dollar circulates MULTIPLE times between black businesses before the money leaves the community.

We also must have a strong Political Presence (which we don’t have).

I have created 7 specific HUDDLES to connect with certain types of people and below is a list of HUDDLES I’d love you to consider joining!


  1. B.B.O.A. (Black Business Owners Association)
  2. Black Think Tank (Brainstorming Sessions)
  3. Black History (A Repository of Worldwide Fact’s)
  4. The Value of Melanin (Facts on Eurmelanin vs Pheomelanin)
  5. Dog Enthusiasts (Information on Dog Breeds & Dog Training tips)
  6. Resource Based Economy (Creating a better Society & World)
  7. An Ubuntu Town: Blaqsbi Citi (Steps toward Equality, Equity and Liberation)

We must put our DIFFERENCES aside, regardless to your religious beliefs, your ethnicity or nationality... Brown & Black people must Unite in Solidarity ✊🏾

Knowing there are more Eumelanin dominate people on the planet than Pheomelanin.

And just what is the difference in Eurmelanin & Pheomelanin? 🤔

We should no longer allow ourselves to be called a MINORITY 🤬 

We must bring to light that the term minority is truly used to refer to WHO IS IN POWER 🤨

Now, the question is... Why are they in power?, this in turn will bring to light that a minority on the planet has used violence & superior weapons to steal natural resources and oppress darker skinned people’s all over the globe; people that look like You & Me!


It’s fully understood that people use Social Media for different reasons, many use it for entertainment purposes, many use it as a TOOL, but this and other platforms are priceless, when it comes to disseminating information and connecting with like-minded people to implement... REAL CHANGE ✊🏾

Join and connect with 761,017 like-minded inspirational people from all over the world who are sharing, believing, inspiring.

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André D. Henderson, Sr.

André D. Henderson, Sr. @Andre D Henderson Sr    

Sr. Energy Consultant | 522,048 | Local time: 06:20 am


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