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As you grow older and wiser, you will have less time for people who are myopic, selfish, and deceptive. That has been a major problem in many relationships. Some of us can blame inadequate feelings about ourselves (stemming from our SELF HATRED of anything Afrikan). But at the same time, we must recognize the DEHUMANIZATION TACTICS that has been embedded in our DNA by the monstrous society. It is absolutely MANDATORY that some of us can realize that we can't LOVE SOMEONE until we LOVE OURSELVES. With those thoughts in mind, choose your partners wisely and remember that even people who look good to you can be MEAN and SELFISH. It is my firm opinion that YOU CAN'T GROW into your TRUE SELF by being around these type of people too long. Avoid their vexatious spirit and wish them well when you leave them. Dr. Elijah Grant. As I look back on my life, I see with my REAL EYES that I have exhibited personality traits indicative of a person with psychic abilities, a keen mind, determination, knowledge-seeking, non-conformist, persistence of purpose, perfection, the path of solitude, analysis, contemplation, sacred vows, spiritual awareness and awakening. I wake up each day determine to make a difference in this physical existence. If I had to describe my path and constant growth in several sentences, I would choose the description below: ELDER - One who has successfully passed through the various trials, temptations, and battles inherent in the initiation process, and can truly “walk and work” in both worlds, and act as a reliable guide. One who guides and initiates the next generation. - Holds the culture’s connection to Sacred History, ancestral wisdom. Some would call me an "OLD SOUL." An addendum: From Prophetically Enlightened Elder Dr. E. "Spiritual Survival During These Devastating Times."